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3 Year update from transplant with Dr. Hasson- 2923 Grafts

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I was answering some questions and posted a bunch of pictures for a guy and I figured you guys would would appreciate and update.


Had my transplant right around 3 years ago and like a lot of people I kind of forgot about my hair after the one year mark. I can't say that hair loss is completely off my mind but I live my life fairly normally now and hair isnt so much of an issue.


I'll try to give a better recap later but here are a couple pics.


Pre op




Post op pics


In the blue are pictures taken by another coalition doctor who's local to me. I haven't really kept in contact with H&W and this update will be new to them too. The other doc appreciated my work and said he was very picky and had nothing but good to day about it. Mind you, in these pictures he's using studio quality lighting, no flash but a very good quality camera and this is after me trying to restyle it after he messed with and inspected it for a while.








This is a screen shot of a video I took. I have more pictures that I may or may not post later




Comparison photo current as of today.



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The hairline doesn't look normal when the hair's pulled back, but the haircut you've chosen hides it completely and believably. On the whole, it looks good.


If you wanted to expose the hairline, you might need some more work in the first centimeter.

I agree. i think the left side sorta dips off


heres a quote from what my write up on my review of him immediately post op. That same spot is still not right in my opinion




We didn't really talk much about expectations. He said he was going to draw the hairline how he thought it should look, give me a mirror, and let me share my thoughts. It took a good 10-15 minutes before he felt confident with the placement. At first I felt it was a little off. He made a small adjustment and even though i still felt it wasn't perfect, I agreed with it. Looking at it now, the placement is perfect, at least in my opinion. Even after checking it out at the hotel I thought "hmm, that looks a little off"..



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