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Bad scar or shock loss?

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Hi everyone,


I had a ht 8 weeks ago (2047 grafts). What is bothering me now is the scar. Do you think it will be as wide as it's now (or even worse) or am I experiencing a shock loss?

Here are two photos, one taken immediately after the ht, the other 7 weeks post op (sorry for its quality:)


Thank you



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no it looks good, its funny i had my ht 5 months ago and got 2048 grafts, only 1 more than you, the scar looks how it should, i was also concerned about it in the beginning, but take a look at my pics and you will see mine looked the same


Thank you tacolinowest. I hope it will be fine then. Yeah, it's strange that we got almost the same number of grafts transplanted ;)

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