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Finally made a proper decision regarding a HT. Anyone with Dr Madhu experience?

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After looking at pretty much every Indian HT surgeon that would come up on Google, I've decided that Dr Madhu is the best case for me, aiming to book the date for February. He's recommended here, seems to have a great track record, very affordable graft pricings and Hyderabad is a much cheaper place to travel to compared to chandigarh and the city that Radhu's clinic is based in, making the whole thing seem high quality but affordable. Decided on 2000-2500 grafts (depends on donor density + laxity, I guess... Better do the exercises....). My hair shouldn't recede again after numerous years thanks to hormone replacement, so I feel safe using that number of grafts for the hairline.


But I do have questions for anyone who might have experience with him...

I sent the consultation 2 days ago, so it's probably too early to worry about replies, but most cosmetic surgery clinics reply within a few hours - one day, is he just slow with this?


Also, what's the best amount of time to stay in India? I was thinking that I should arrive 1 day prior to the surgery, stay 10 days post op and leave on the 11th day, but would like advice from someone better experienced. The best flights have 1 stop and are overall 14-15 hours long, while other flights can last up to 30 hours with 2 or more stops, so I figured that it's best to wait until the grafts are more secured for something like that.


Also, should I see a dermatologist to get an idea of my hair's density before the operation or just not worry until the actual day?


Thanks for reading and possibly answering this wall of text.

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Well, 2nd post but eh.

I've seen Platelet Rich Plasma therapy occasionally mentioned in hair restoration and that some doctors use it after/during the transplant apparently. I won't be doing that, but would it be something that could be worth doing like a month after the transplant? Could help with additional healing, increased growth or something. Maybe even thicken up the thinned areas where transplants will be too making the whole thing appear thicker.

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