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Looking for FUE doctor - don't want to trave far - Rahal?

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I'm looking to do a FUE transplant. I read that a lot of guys are going to Turkey but I don't want to travel around the world. Does Rahal in Canada do good FUE work? Or can anyone recommend a good doctor in the USA?


Also how many grafts would I need for a 2.5"x2.5" completely bald spot on my crown?


And what is the price per graph these days for FUE?

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I personally would not have FUE done in North America, period. I don't believe all FUE surgeons have equal skill and the top tier FUE surgeons happen to be in Turkey(Hakan and Erdogan), Belgium(Mwamba, Feriduni, Bisanga) and the UK(Reddy and Lorenzo). Just my personal belief. FUE is very difficult to master and alot of surgeons give up on perfecting their technique simply because it takes time. The aforementioned surgeons have persisted and their results are more consistent in yield and scale.

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