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i am posting this information for those who want to get one time HT and good density , those who are looking good and professional HT with cheaper cost.as we often see lots of publicity online by western and south asian doctors but there is very little publicity from Chinese doctors.


might this information will help those who having financial difficulties and looking cheaper and professional and safe HT.


Chinese surgeons offering world best technique of HT with very cheaper cost.Price start from USD0.65 to USD1.65 per graft depend on HT procedure.


Majority of the chinese doctors mostly concentrating locally and do not do any international publicity but if there is any foreign client willing to get HT,they most wellcome.


There is thousands of HT clinic all around china in very major city, The following HT clinic website in Guangzhou City China, most of the website have online CHAT function where visitor can chat online to discuss and consultation. all doctors can speak English. the website contents can be google translated.


if want to find more surgeon, please google "头发移植中国" you will see all HT surgeon all around china


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