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Considering Minoxidil


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Hello everyone, I decied to sign up to see what I can do about my hairloss. About me, 30 y.o. male, and I have been slowly losing my hair over the past 4 or 5 years. Over the past 1 1/2 years I have noticed an increase in hairloss, to the point I am probably around a NW4. It is really frustrating when it seems like most of the guys my age still have their hair.


For the past 8 months or so I have been using RegenPure DR shampoo twice a week, and it seems to have stopped a lot of my hair shedding. Before using it I could see hair in the shower. With that I have been using 1 a Day Mens vitamins and a Zinc supplement. While I know this isn't much, I have read that zinc supposedly promotes hair growth.


I am at the point now where I can't and don't want to lose anymore hair. If I buzz my hair short I can get by somewhat without my hairloss being really noticeable, but if I lose more this isn't going to work. So I have been reading and thought about considering using minoxidil, but the side effects kind of scare me. I have read that it can cause dark circles under the eveys, wrinkles, and cause an increase in shedding for a while. I want to stay looking young, not look like I am 65. Plus, I am concerned of sexual side effects.


I thought about using a 2% version or Minoxidil, or just applying the less than reccomended amout of 5%. Is this a good idea, and could it possibly reduce the chance of side effects? Is the shedding something that occurs in all men with use of the product? Does it stimulate hair regrowth, or is this product intended for keeeping existing hair? Is the Kirkland Brand minoxidil sold at Costco any good?


Will using minoxidil at 2% do anything in men, and reduce the side effects of 5% that seems to be experienced?


Are there any natural ways that will help with hairloss, such as ceratin foood to eat and to avoid, supplements, etc? I admit, I am concerned about using a drug to trat my hairloss, but I feel I have no other options at this point. Thanks for any help you all can provide me

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