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Need some guidance am just 24 and loosing hair like crazy...

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Well never had great hair to begin with but had started loosing hair early on I guess it started 9 years ago or so am 24 years old now receeding hair line, thinning, weak and unmanageable hair :( parents never listened to me when I told them to take me to a doctor and when they did take me to one he prescribed me some meds and told me to see him after completing the medication course however at that time it led to no improvement plus I read really bad reviews about the doctor so I just gave up hope and thought will try to live with this...


However my resolve has strengthened and i feel I can combat this and fix this problem...


Would really appreciate if someone can tell me where to start like any good doctor I can consult in Mumbai, India and how should I begin after listening to my barber I shaved my head completely he told me will help fix my damaged hair and should continue shaving it every week 7 times in a row this will promote healthy growth do you think hes right...

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Do you have any pictures? That would really help for you to get advice from some of the members on this forum

My Hair Loss Website


Surgical Treatments:


Hair transplant 5-22-2013 with Dr. Paul Shapiro at Shapiro Medical Group

Total grafts transplanted: 3222

*536 singles *1651 doubles * 961 triples,

*74 quadruples.

Total hairs transplanted: 7017



Non-Surgical Treatments:


*1.25 mg finasteride daily

*Generic minoxidil foam 2x daily

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Shaving your head isn't going to do anything for hair health or effect hair loss at all. It may be a better look for you, but it's not going to stop hair loss. The only things at this point that are proven to stop, slow or re-grow hair is finasteride and minoxidil. And yes if you post up some pictures of your head it would help people give you advice.

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I would start by having your hair loss evaluated by a trusted physician. In India, I think you should consider consulting with Dr. Madhu and/or Dr. Radha. If they believe you are suffering from androgenic alopecia (genetic patterned hair loss), you will likely be advised to use proven preventive measures like minoxidil and finasteride. After you've stabilized your hair loss with these medications, hair transplant surgery may become a realistic option down the road.


Good luck!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


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All opinions are my own and my advice does not constitute as medical advice. All medical questions and concerns should be addressed by a personal physician.

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to the champ...

PROPECIA, in a geeneric,form, like finpacia, or whatever

Blood check for DHT

Pictires, honest picture

Continuois reseach, but., dont get strip, dont get talked into strip. Believe you me, they will throw ebery excuse your way, to push,your hand. Always, alawys remember that a strip,scar,at asson and,Wong will cost,you,more tjan a world class FUE in Turkey. It's not about the doctor's ethics, it's about you, at 40 and 50. I sound like an irrelevant old man, but please consider


ps. by the way,,this fotum has taken to the acronym.,FUT, to denote Strip. Of course, it it is BS, becayse all FUE is FUT, which means follicilar-unit-transplant. Don't be fooled, around,these parts, FUT means ear-to-ear scar.

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