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25 Year old male... current situation.

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I have now been on propecia for 2 years and have to say has brought upon stability with no side effects. I have attached a link for pics of my current situation looking to see what your thoughts are. What NW rating would i fall into and if so is now the right time for a transplant?


I am 25 years old.


Pics above


First 5 from 2006 and rest from current situation for comparison

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Hi. I'd call you a NW 3 at this point.


Here's my advice: get to 35 (or at least 30) and then decide on surgery.


The years between 25 and 35 are critical in predicting your terminal balding pattern. And knowing your terminal pattern is essential because, no matter how skilled the surgeon, hair transplantation is a numbers game and will remain so unless and until they find a way to clone hairs or awaken the dormant ones.


Simply put, the greater the area you have to cover, the less likely you are to obtain a good result from surgery. Time and again, the guys who get the best surgical results tend to be NW 4 and less. So it's critical to get to 35 in the best possible shape. Of course, as some have noted, there are exceptional circumstances in which a man's hair loss accelerates markedly after 35, but this is not the norm. In fact, if you can get to 35 as a NW 3, the chances that you'll progress to the advanced Norwood classes are statistically small.


So try to wait it out. That will have multiple benefits. First, you'll have a better idea of your terminal pattern and, by extension, whether surgery is a good option. Second, you'll be able to avail yourself of the many advances that will come to fruition in the next 10 years.

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I think if you have stabilized your loss you are potentially a good candidate. A few scenarios to keep in mind, though. You hit your 30s, get married, want children, you're going to want to cut out the Finasteride. Your hairloss kicks in again. Now you have the expense of a newborn and will likely want another HT. Also, there are no guarantees with the meds, so you could end up chasing your hairloss anyway. Given your current loss at your age, I would say you're likely going to lose more.


What's your family history? Have you had any consults?


Make sure you do not make any hasty decisions and weigh all your options before committing to any surgery.


Best of luck!

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These photos look familiar:D.


As SOTES says, the later you can delay a transplant the better...


..but if it is bothering you and you have a decent enough donor supply then 2000-2500 to even out the hairline could work wonders.

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Proscar 1.25mg every 3rd day

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