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Hypertrophic scar keeps returning

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Hi All,


I had a 4000 hair FUT done a year ago - on seeing the surgeon at the 6 month mark he mentioned that it had become hypertrophic for a 3 inch section and recommended cortisone injections. As I was in a different country, I went to a local dermatologist - what would happen is for the immediate 1-2 weeks after an injection the scar would go down but after 4-5 weeks it would return. The dermatologist explained to me that the darker your skin the more likely you get such a scar.


After 5 such injections I stopped as all that would happen is it would go and return - I am probably a little better off then when I started.


I was wondering if anyone had any experience with such scars? It doesnt bother me too much but I heard that the surrounding hairs can fall out? I am fine to wait a few hairs for it to naturally disappear but ideally wish I could get rid of it sooner.


Many Thanks for reading

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