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Need your suggestion for CA Doc

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Here's my story......


I have been suffering with hair loss for the last 10+ years. Everything was fine, until I colored my hair. I still regret that decision, but past is past and need to get HT done asap. I am excited about it and hence need to your guys help to find the right doctor. I would prefer a doctor in LA but would not mind doing it in San Diego.

Tried Ayurveda medicines for a while and few others, but never took it seriously.


This website provides a very good information about the HT and the surgeons and Pat thanks for the website.

I have my first appointment with HC on 24th Sep. '13, about the hair and scalp analysis, and will provide you guys an update what they say and how it goes. I live in Madera, so visiting my local HT office to see what they have to say about my hair loss and what they recommend. Will post an update soon.


While I have shortlisted 3 surgeons based on the reviews and are the best in CA, still would like a get a suggestion from you guys.

1. Dr. Timothy Carman

2. James DeYarman

3. William R. Rassman


What would you guys suggest? Or any other better doctor that I should consider?

I look forward for your suggestions.


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Thanks Shaggy1, for your comment. I definitely will be consulting with Dr. Carman and a few other doctors mentioned above and Dr. Hasson & Wang.


My appointment with Hair Club went okay, just wanted to get an idea what are the preparations before doing an HT and they said just reserve a room for HT whenever you are ready.

I was under the impression that they would say the first step would be to take some medicines to stop the current hair fall for a few months and then do the HT, but instead they said they have an extreme hair therapy for 9 months after the HT.

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Now that I have been researching and reading reviews about doctors, I am even considering of consulting with Dr. Hasson and Wong, they seem to bring very good results. Flying to the other country is a little problem, but yes to get the job done right on my head, I seriously don't mind and the price looks reasonable as well.

I would really appreciate if any of you experienced guys out there, could share your suggestions and what you think about my pictures, how many drafts would give a decent density, so that I could cover my bald spots.



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