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24 FUE to Lower Hairline / Fill in Temples?

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I'm hoping you guys could give me some advice on how many grafts I would be looking at and the appropriateness of getting a FUE HT to fix up my hairline.


A little about me - 24 y/o and have been balding for about 3 years. Using finasteride for roughly a year and a half and have switched to dutasteride about 2 months ago. Using rogaine foam for the last 2 years. Various other hair pills/shampoos that I have tried.


Finasteride definitely stopped my recession and I switched to dutas in hopes of regrowing my hairline but I'm starting to think that's just not possible with drugs. I'd be pretty happy with my scalp remaining the way it is, and with toppik and some other hair products I use, I can get good density up there. The last first 3 pictures are my natural hair and then the last one is with toppik.


I'd like to fill in the corners to get a more natural hairline and if possible, lower the whole thing just a little. What do you guys think?







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I do not thing that you are a candidate for hairline work yet. You have an aggressive pattern at a very young age. I would stay on the meds and keep doing what you are doing for now.

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Is that just because my hair loss may not have stabilized yet? Fwiw, in the roughly 2 years I've taken fin/dut, I haven't regressed at the temples. I'm also willing to continue taking dut indefinitely after the transplant.


I'm thinking of waiting a year and see if my hair loss is getting any worse and if not, go in for the transplant. Decent idea?

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Waiting a year is a good idea. What I see in your future, sans meds, is an isolated frontal forelock and aggressive loss behind it so sticking with the meds now is imperative. I think switching to Dut was not such a good idea because, while I understand the wish to restore a hairline, yours is still fairly juvenile and some additional slight recession would not be a bad thing.


I think to have hairline work now or any time (from your current state) would potentially be a mistake especially with your diffused pattern of hair loss behind it. By fixing one issue, that really isn't in need of fixing, you are potentially creating more issues that will also have to be fixed and addressed.

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