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Will I lose gains to restored area from consistent friction from exercise?

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Hello all, new to the forums and considering a HT. I'm 29, a Norwood 2 and there is one major consideration before I do further research. I have done a search and have found limited results to my specific question.


I am considering a FUE to restore my hairline. I understand that I will have much less downtime for exercise with FUE as opposed to FUT. So I like to do wrestling and jiu jitsu. It causes a lot of friction to the head and hairline, and I do it on a consistent basis. My question is, will I even want to bother with a HT with this type of exercise? When all is said and done, the surgery performed and the healing complete, will I just lose the new hair because of the consistent friction to that area? Or will it be there to stay?

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