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Hi all


I am strongly considering undergoing a ht with Dr Dorin who has suggested i require 2000-2200 grafts via FUT or 1700 via FUE.


The questions i have are; is Dr Dorin one of the best out there for the money? I have seen some of his work and it looked very good to me. I also considered Dr Feller but i prefer the fact Dr Dorin does not shave the recipient area making it easier to get back to work undetected! haha. Or is there someone else i should consider? I will be travelling from the UK so don't mind where i have it done as long as it is a very good doctor considered to be elite in the field.


Also is FUE superior to FUT as it is a lot more expensive for fewer grafts?


Thanks in advance for your advice. Going bald is a pain in the @r*e i wish i wasn't bothered by it!

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dr dorin is great, as is dr feller, fue will leave you with no noticeable scar and its more time consuming witch is why its more expensive, if you can afford it go with fue. BUT in general fue has a lower survival rate than fut, people will say its not true but its something to consider, if you wear your hair long to begin with and hiding the fut scar isnt an issue than go fut


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Welcome! You truly cannot go wrong with either doc. They are both world class.


It's good that you are open to travel. I suggest continuing to research and consulting with a number of docs before making the final decision. You can always schedule free online consultations with any of the docs we recommend.


Here is our list of recommended hair transplant surgeons worldwide and our recommendation criteria.


Good luck!

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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