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Using hairspray after a hair transplant

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Hello, i'm new to these forums but after googling various questions I found this website had very informative advice from other hair transplant patients. About myself, i'm from the UK and have recently had a hair transplant on the front and temple areas. I have four weeks off work and i'm nearly at week two.


My question is, when I return to work in two weeks, is it ok to put hairspray on my hair? I plan to cover the work done by using bangs and spraying hairspray over the top. I'm a little worried that this may suffocate my grafts a little, would it be advisable to wash off the hairspray every night and comb my hair back to let the grafts breathe until they are fully matured at 1 year? I wash my hair everyday in the morning, but perhaps I could wash off the hairspray with just water at night aswell so i'm not over shampooing? I say this as my bangs will almost be like a hat covering up my transplants, and you would not be advised to wear a hat to sleep, so maybe the same applies?


Also I was thinking if my hair transplant isn't as thick as i would like i could use dermatch? After googling I found some people said this could clog the pores and cause mild infection in the transplanted area. Is it best to wait a full year before using this product to be safe do you think? Has anyone noticed any dermatch residie on their hair roots after using it? I'm hoping my transplant will be thick and I won't need it but it would be nice to have a back up!

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It's probably okay to use hairspray and etc after 2 weeks. Grafts are meant to be permanently fixed by then, so I can't imagine it hurting.

Waiting a month might be best if you want to be absolutely 100% sure it's okay.

I'm not an expert, so other people would be better than me at this...

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Hair transplant surgeons typically recommend waiting until scabs are off and the grafts are fully anchored or about ten days before applying styling products. Continue to be gentle but I don't see that there is any concern for suffocated the grafts.


On the topic of DermMatch, see the below article for more information. I would probably n ot use it at this early stage but rather a fiber type concealer like Toppik.


Possible Complications From Using “Makeup Type” Concealer After a Hair Transplant Procedure

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Thankyou for the link, this is precisely the issue i'm concerned about reguarding dermatch. I think in that particular patient the method used during the procedure may have created the larger pores that made it easier to get clogged and potentially affect growth. I think for me I will not use it for a year after my procedure to be safe, and then if I do use it reguarly I will study my scalp to make sure there is no build up like that, as I would be concerned to have my pores clogged and lose hair due to it, but I suspect that with light use, good washing, and matured transplanted hair, that this should not happen.


The reason I mentioned my bangs/hairspray suffocating my grafts is because i've read that wigs have been shown in some cases to stunt the growth of hair transplants, and although my fringe is my own, the same may apply. I was thinking keeping the bangs back at night may be a sensible precaution, although i am probably being paranoid about it!

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