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I stumbled upon a surgeon (meshkin), how does he get these results?

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Hair restoration surgery before and after result photos with 1200 grafts

I stumbled upon this page just looking through google images, and I can't help but wonder how does he cover such large areas with so much less grafts than other surgeons would use? In some cases I'm skeptical as he doesn't seem to give. A great view of e hairline always, but it still appears acceptably thick and normal looking?

Des he just use more follicles containing 3/4 hairs? If so, would this look pluggy?

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Because in the before pics there shaved down the area there transplanting into making the patients look much more bald, you can see if you zoom in the stubble and also the recession is obviously shaved as it's totally square and not a normal balding pattern! Not very good practise!!!!

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It's almost hard to believe this dude only got 2500 grafts!





Dr. Dow Stough - 1000 Grafts - 1996

Dr. Jerry Wong - 4352 Grafts - August 2012

Dr. Jerry Wong - 2708 Grafts - May 2016


Remember a hair transplant turns back the clock,

but it doesn't stop the clock.

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He's got some pretty nice results. However, I don't like the deception in the photography.

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Hair transplant 5-22-2013 with Dr. Paul Shapiro at Shapiro Medical Group

Total grafts transplanted: 3222

*536 singles *1651 doubles * 961 triples,

*74 quadruples.

Total hairs transplanted: 7017



Non-Surgical Treatments:


*1.25 mg finasteride daily

*Generic minoxidil foam 2x daily

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His rep did post pictures of the unshaved preop on the first case listed after the initial posting.


On the second, he has a very high hair line. which is appropriate, and it is a relatively straight forward shot. 2500 grafts is probably not enough density for a nw5 or 6 in most cases, unless they are older, in which case, they might be happy with it. I have a feeling if you looked at a top shot, it would not look quite as impressive. That is nothing against the doctor, it is just math. Don't expect to get a full head of hair from 2500 grafts.

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