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confusion About needed Grafts!

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:o After Doing online consultation and sending my photos, 3 doctors with relatively cheaper rates gave me estimate that i need about 3500 grafts, while more expensive coalition member gave me estimate of 2500 grafts, so does that mean that 2500 grafts with the more expensive doctor will give me the same results of 3500 grafts with maybe less skilled doctors? knowing that this doctor is twice the price of others :) and i really concerned about my budget. please guys your opinions needed here!

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Not necessarily, it just means that different surgeons have different approaches. There are several possible reasons for this difference. Considerations of future loss, vascularity, donor characteristics, hair texture, etc. will all be shaped by the doctor's experience and skill. There are doctors that are known to be very efficient with graft placement but the only way to know for sure would be to a) review before and after pictures for each surgeon, and b) ask each doctor for details about transplant density and design.

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