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I have been neglecting you, but I think it's a positive thing


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One year and 2 months post op and it just occured to me that I never think to come on this site any more. I know some people disappear due to a bad result, so I thought I should make a post to to clarify.


I don't come on here because right now, hair loss barely enters my mind any more. I still take my meds, still use a bit of concealer and still wonder where I'll be 10 years down the line (still only 24) but I have to say right now I feel like I've come out the other side of it all and am in a much better place.


I did used to think I'd stick around making posts to help people but there's others with far much better knowledge than me and I actually have no interest in an FUE/FUT (all I can say is so far FUT has served me very well) debate so I'm not much use for anyone really haha. If the meds start failing I may be back with a vengeance though!


It's nice to no longer be consumed by hair loss (for now at least), thanks to all those who help people so much on here.


P.s I'm not "leaving" - just wanted to explain why I'm not posting 50 times a week these days. :)

 2,000 grafts FUT Dr. Feller, July 27th 2012. 23 years old at the time. Excellent result. Need crown sorted eventually but concealer works well for now.

Propecia and minoxidil since 2010. Fine for 8 years - bad sides after switching to Aindeem in 2018.

Switched to topical fin/minox combo from Minoxidil Max in October 2020, along with dermarolling 1x a week.

Wrote a book for newbies called Beating Hair Loss, available on Amazon

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No worries man I remember you well as I have done the same. Its great that you have your life back and that you are well. As far as feeling bad, don't, you have put a lot into this community and have reaped the well earned benefits of a great forum as this. ENJOY LIFE!

You only live once...

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I always ask myself the question, "Why doesn't that person log on anymore" after I notice that such or such person posted 2,000+ posts between 2006-2008. Were they completely content with their results and want to put that part of their life behind them? Were they completely disappointed? Did something drastic happen? There are many users whose story I am curious about.


That said, I'm glad that you're happy with your results. That's the whole point of this community; we're all preoccupied with our hair and sometimes we're the only people who understand each other. Once you no longer have that problem, and are content with your current situation, it is natural that you may want to move on (what's the point in worrying about hairloss when you can be out there enjoying your hair).


Now, go out there and enjoy your life!!


Most people I know already know that I had a transplant. There are some people who I didn't tell just to see whether or not they would notice. My cousin (who was my hair-cutter for the last 6 years until I pretty much had no hair for her to cut, still hasn't noticed), albeit I have significantly more hair after four months.

My Hair Loss Website


Surgical Treatments:


Hair transplant 5-22-2013 with Dr. Paul Shapiro at Shapiro Medical Group

Total grafts transplanted: 3222

*536 singles *1651 doubles * 961 triples,

*74 quadruples.

Total hairs transplanted: 7017



Non-Surgical Treatments:


*1.25 mg finasteride daily

*Generic minoxidil foam 2x daily

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