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Scheduled for Shapiro Medical Group ( SMG ) on Sept. 26-27

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I'm booked for SMG!! I'm super excited. This will be my second procedure with them. My first FUE transplant with them was back in January of 2011, and didn't turn out that well. I had over 1400 grafts, but felt like on 50% yielded. I address this with them a month ago, and they wanted me to be happy with my procedure, so they offered me 700 free grafts to make up for the 50% yielding rate, and gave me a very reason price for extra grafts I might need. They also, gave me a $500 travel discount too. I'm very excited about this. It's Time to reclaim my confidence back. Thank you, SMG. You don't know how much this means to me to know that a company like yours actually care about their customers.


I'll be posting pre/post pic, and quarterly progression pictures, so everyone can see my progress.

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