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My consult with Dr Lorenzo

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Just thought some folks might be interested in my visit to see Dr Lorenzo.


P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } I recently visited Dr Lorenzo in his new home at the Farjo Clinic in Manchester for a consultation kindly arranged by Mick (who often posts on the forum) the head of patient liaison for the Farjo Clinics.



The Farjo clinics new state of the art plush offices are just on the edge of central Manchester. After filling out the ubiquitous questionnaire and health check forms the very welcoming and affable Mick came and chatted with myself and another potential patient for a while, before one of Dr Lorenzo's first UK patients was ushered into a nearby room and Mick kindly offered us the chance to chat with him and look at the work that had just been completed earlier that afternoon. The patient had around 2200 grafts over two days placed in the crown area. Wow! The work was so clean and there was little evidence of bleeding and the extraction area was really tidy. The grafts themselves were just tiny white dots of epithelium packed densely in what would appear to be a moderate crown restoration area. The patient's head was certainly not the blooded mass of grafts and extraction sites that I had been expecting nor was there evidence of any swelling (this was his second day on the couch). The patient told us that it had been virtually pain free even the dreaded injections had been eased by the vibrating injection needles and he was certainly very happy with the way the procedure had gone.



Shortly after Mick had managed to coax us out of the room Dr Lorenzo himself arrived still in his surgical scrubs and spent 15 mins with the guy in the consult room. Then it was our turn.



Dr Lorenzo was relaxed, friendly and charming (and speaks very good English). I was not hurried at all during my consult and we discussed density (he implants up to a maximum of 70 grafts per cm.) and technique. He explained that he uses an implanter not because he thinks it's better than custom blades but because it feels it works well for him and allows quick implantation of grafts so they are outside the body for the shortest possible time (max 4 hours). He doesn't use PRP, Acell etc because he hasn't been able to prove to himself in trials that he gets a better survival rate and he believes that the ensuring uniform results is more to do with strict protocols and careful technique which is why he performs all extractions and placement of grafts himself. I discussed my goals with him and he drew a couple of possible hairline designs then showed me similar design on a former patient. He got me to frown and showed how my forehead muscles related to where my original hairline had lain (this explains the many frowning patient photos on his website). He then used one of those little laptop cameras to examine my donor density in three areas and showed me how he calculated it and also pointed out the distribution of the various graft grouping. Because I have some greying/white hairs he explained how he would extract these and if need be he would die my shaved head to make these more visible on the day. We then discussed yield. Dr Lorenzo warrants 85 %. Why not more I asked. He explained that whilst he always aims for 100% there are always some that fail, and the 85% figure is a base level and allows for the 10-14% which will be in the Telogen phase at any one time and therefore will not be visible. Which makes a lot of sense.



30mins had flown by and Mick entered to check my pulse, clean the red pen markings off my forehead, and give Dr Lorenzo chance to slip off for a coffee after a long day in the clinic.

Mick and I then chatted some more Mick told me the Dr is a very talented classical pianist (which must explain some of his dexterity and dedication) and then I headed off, shook Mick's hand by the reception desk then turned round to see that Dr Lorenzo had come down to reception to shake my hand too. I said he was charming!



Obviously the Lorenzo-Farjo collaboration is in its infancy and it will take 6-7 months for the first results to filter through but at the consult I felt confident that this could be really positive for the UK.

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Forgot to mention Dr Lorenzo is a great believer (like most HT Drs) in patients taking meds (either Dut or Fin) he himself is on them, and doesn't like to operate on patients until their hair loss condition is stabilized by age 40+ or by meds, preferably both.

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Great write up and great philosophies from the Dr.


I've met Mick myself a couple of times as well. A true gent.

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Proscar 1.25mg every 3rd day

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Great write up. I agree that Dr. Lorenzo is a great physician. He can work miracles with limited amount of grafts used.

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The Chopin of FUE! Dr Lorenzo. I always said surgeons like Dr Koray Erdogan and Dr Lorenzo and a few others are like artist the way they use manual instruments during FUE procedures. I'm sure the dexterity it takes to play classical piano tremendously adds to Dr Lorenzo's comfortability with handling manual FUE tools.

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Yes, he will be here for a year, he has kids and would like them to learn English. But will he survive a Manchester winter! Of course his services don't come cheap! I forgot to ask whether he has brought his staff over or is he training Farjo staff to assist.

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Dr. L is in my opinion is the best FUE surgeon out there. Great you got to meet him.


I totally agree with you. Me too, I think Dr. Jose Lorenzo is the best FUE hair transplant surgeon in the world. His results are all documented in clear videos. I wish one day he will reduce his price rates probably when he get back to Madrid :o

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My Rahal HT thread http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/164456-2500-fut-dr-rahal-hairline-repair.html[/size]

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