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1000 FUE by Dr Diep, been two months

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I had my 1000 graphs by Dr Diep in los gatos in july 23. Thing went pretty well. I did everything as instructed. Donor area is healed so well that no one would ever tell if i had the surgery done. Most of the graphs have fallen out now. as expected. only think i am suffering after the surgery is that every time i shampoo my hair (using revivogen hair loss shampoo) i get 4-6 hair strands in my hand. Since the surgery this has gotten better because initially i use to get like 10-12 hair strands. I went back to the doctor yesterday and he insisted that i start on propecia/finasteride and rogain. I have already been using rogain, used up entire bottle but even when i apply that i get few strands in my hand.


Also to add in here, I notice hair are thinner than before they were the surgery.


So my biggest worry is that i see lot of side effect by using propecia/finasteride. I had a pharmacist insist that i should stay away from it. I am 28 years old, extremely fit and getting married in December of this year. I am sure you guys can see why i don't wanna mess with finasteride.


I just ordered these products on amazon:

Hairomega Serum 2% Minoxidil (Compare to Rogaine®) Foaming DHT Blocker with Saw Palmetto, Myricetin, and Grape Seed Extract


Hairomega 3-in-1 Dht-blocking, Nutrient Providing, Circulation Improving Hair Loss Supplement


I would truly appreciate any feedback or comments! Thank you in advance!

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Get on meds as soon as you can if finasteride no good try dutasteride I've been on them for 14yrs from age of 32 and wish I could have been on them a few years earlier. Stopped my loss dead in its tracks and even reversed loss of a couple of years earlier. If I had started younger might not have lost any hair!

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Dr. Diep is an expert, and I would definitely consider his opinion/medication assessment. Having said that, the choice to take or decline a medication is your personal choice. It is always best to discuss this thoroughly with a physician and make an informed decision together, and you may want to see if you can discuss this with Dr. Diep further.


I also recommend doing some research about the rate of side effects from finasteride. There are a lot of conflicting reports and ideas, and I think it would serve you well to spend some time reading all available information and using the objective data to help you make your decision.

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I'm not seeing the problem. 4-6 hairs in your hand is completely normal, even for people with no alopecia.


As far as finasteride is concerned, most people on this forum are on finasteride, and most have absolutely no side effects. I was on finasteride for 2 years, then I went off of it for a year, now I"m back on it. I don't really feel any side effects, or at least any that I can notice. I'm not sure whether or not it's working because I had a hair transplant, but I don't think it's hurting!!

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