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dr paul cotterill

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by far the worse surgeon-hacked up my head.


to see his work done on me go to




Dr Umar had to repair evrerything


the " before " is multiple surgeries with Dr Paul Cotterill


Dr Paul Cotterill is by far the most unethical Dr. He had not problem going in blindly, not knowing the extent of how bald I would go, hacked up the entire back, sides and front of my head. When I complained to him-he simply blew me off and send my chart to his lawyer. So it is time for the world to see what he did to me and what a butcher he is.


once again-the before video and pics are Dr Cotterill "finished butchered product". I cannot believe what a mess he left me with and how many yrs of my life he destroyed.


once again STAY AWAY from Dr Dr Paul Cotterill


thanks to Dr Umar for the massive repair.

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