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Using Nanogen or Toppix

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After 10 days I used Nanogen / toppix hair concealer occasionally when I have an event to go to. I use it only on the hair line at the front. I had transplants done on the temples and crown but did not use any concealer. The front hair line dramatically thinned out to almost 90% after a few days from using the concealer. but the other transplanted hair where I didnt use concealer was ok. Im worried that I have damaged the planted hair at the front and they it may not grow back? It not 4 week and the front hair line it more or less gone but the crown and temples is still visible. I have stopped using concealer sine I noticed what it may be doing. My HT doctor said it was ok to use concealer



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If it fell out the next morning, you should have had bleeding.


Also, did you consult your doctor about using concealer so soon after your op?

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