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FACIAL HAIR: In an effort to speed up my HT result, I switched to 5% Rogaine for men.

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I experienced unusually fast HT growth at the 1.5 month mark, and was already using Rogaine 2% for women (I am a female), but I daresay that I got greedy, wanting to see even more growth, so I switched to Rogaine 5% for men about a month ago after reading about women online who'd experienced success with it, and had no ill effects. This past week I went outside in bright, natural light & noticed fine hairs sprouting ALL OVER my face and neck, even under my eyes. Some even had a slightly thicker and darker appearance. I immediately went to get my face entire face threaded (on the sides) and waxed around the other areas, and I stopped using it altogether for a few days. Hopefully things will normalize and I can go back to 2% and I won't experience the same side effects. Sometimes the product would drip from my sideburns and onto the side of my face and neck, but I cannot explain why hair grew everywhere else, especially right under and on the sides of my eyes!

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