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hello all...

just wondering would 1500 grafts make a huge difference in the crown? ( about the size of a tennis ball.....from my previous surgeries thats the amout thats usually standart they can harvest from a strip.......i know it wouldnt be thick but just hoping to make it a bit better.......more so the apparenace of hair to match the front and top

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depends on who is your surgeon

i would say its a very artistic and creative work in hands of very few skilled HT surgeon

some with even 3000 graft cannot give or acheive which skilled surgeon with 1500 grafts can give coverage.

Its a very skilled surgeon expertise and his creativity and artistry

remember HT is not cup of everyones tea

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1500 follicular unit grafts to an area in the crown the size of a tennis ball should make an improvement. How much of an improvement may depend on other factors including hair characteristics such as caliper, color, and straight versus wavy.

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