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Advice on treatments - minoxidil tablets & APC

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Hi All,


First post on here and hoping to get some advice!


My story. I’m 26 and have been receding for roughing 4 years, currently a Norwood scale 2. For the last two years I've been looking at treatments surgical and non-surgical.



A year and half ago I went to my local doctor and asked for a prescription of finasteride, I’ve been taking a daily dose of 1.25mg since then (stupidly I didn’t take photos of my hair line to see any improvement). A year ago I went to a HT surgeon to discussed options, he suggested for me to carry on with the finasteride 1.25 daily (no unwanted side effects from the drug), minoxidil shampoo 5% and a possible 600 graft surgery. He recommended no surgery at that point as he wanted me to be taking the finasteride for longer and to see the effects. I decided against using the shampoo as it made my hair very greasy and will my hair style it made me look even balder (or actually how bald I am :/ ).



Fast forward a year (present time) I went back to my HT surgeon to see how I was progressing, from the photos we could see that the crown was looking thicker (great!) but my hair line had receded further (not so great!). I wasn’t expecting the drug to give me a better hair line but was hoping it would stop the receding process. This time the surgeon has suggested taking minoxidil tablets 5mg daily as well the finasteride and still thinks 600ish grafts would give me the look I’m after. He also recommended Autologous Platelet Concentrate (APC), believing it could thicken up my thinning hair.


I think I will go ahead with the HT but first I want to look at stopping further recession, I’m trying to be quite conservative and not rush into any surgery.


This is the part where I could do with some help, APC I’ve read nothing on it before and I’m struggling to much information, maybe it’s known more commonly as another name? I can’t find it on this website so I’m guessing it has another name or it just doesn’t work. Also, I’m not sure on the minoxidil tablets; I’ve heard mixed reviews on safety and the longevity of their effect.

Could someone who has used them or anyone who as researched them give me some advice please? Also if you have any usefully links it would be much appreciated!



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