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Opinions on Turkey - Affordable quality?

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We are always told that money shouldn't be an issue when getting an HT. But with the 'Top' surgeons out of most peoples reach, is there a real alternative with the cheaper options?


Im not talking about some back street outfit, or renowned bad surgeons. But for example Dr Hakan Dogany in Turkey? His work seems really good, has all the right paper work. Yet i never see him mentioned or recommended. (Admittedly ive not had a quote from him, but i imagine the Turkish exchange to pound will be pretty good for me and others)


So if its a case of someone never getting a HT due to the cost of Bisinga/Feller etc being so high - would it not be better to go for an affordable and clearly professional outfit such as this guy in Turkey or maybe the Indian docs. If its a choice of that or be bald.


I dont work for this guy, but am very impressed by his results. Both on the website and in the forums. But why so i not see anyone recommending him? http://www.drhakandoganay.com/


What do you guys think regarding going bald - or having an AFFORDABLE HT?

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Turkish docs are doing great FUE work, Dr. Maras i believe is another doctor in the Mediterranean (Cypress I believe) thats is doing quality FUE work, not sure on his prices... But for what its worth, if you are looking to get quality and for a "cheaper" rate, the Turkish doctors are as close to a no brainer as it gets....

You only live once...

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lots of people talk about those two docs. That's how I heard of them

Ht #1: sure hair for men 21 years old unk amount of grafts. waste of money


Ht #2: 2005 with FUT with Dr Armani. Don't remember the amount of grafts. Great result re building the hairline and frontal thirs


HT #3: Jan 18 with Dr Doganay Fue: 2500 grafts, 600 crown, 400 into Fut scar, 400 temple rebuild, the rest into the front third to beef up the hairline. still waiting on results obviously

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As has already been said. Strip surgeries are done best in North America, FUEs are done best in Europe. That said, Dr Erdogan, Demisroy, and Doganay are recommended on the daily here. Actually, I think they are getting recommended more and more here as more and more people are searching for affordable quality. Yes Belgium has incredible surgeons, but they are significantly more expensive than those previously listed.

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Hair transplant 5-22-2013 with Dr. Paul Shapiro at Shapiro Medical Group

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*74 quadruples.

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Non-Surgical Treatments:


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