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Considering HTP

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Hey guys,


First, I've been having a read through the forums and this seems like a really great community full of information and positive stories which have actually made me feel better about my hairloss situation! However, I've had a receding hairline for about 8 or so years now (since I was about 18) and as you can imagine... its only getting worse!


I've been considering getting a HTP for a while now and I've been reading up on it weighing up the pros and cons. There seems to be arguments on both sides on if you should really get a HTP while still losing hair so I thought I'd just put it to some of you guys. Given my pictures (in the photo album/attached) do you think I would be a good candidate for a HTP, specifically to fill in my temples a bit and just to create a more "attractive" hairline.


I'm not currently taking propecia or anything, just been using Revita shampoo for the last few months and I'm not totally convinced its making any difference...


My main concerns are:


The scarring left behind if one day I do have to shave my whole head

Further hair loss after the HTP (can surgeons plant hair among existing hair to disguise future hair loss?)


And thats pretty much all I can think of right now...


Thanks for any help/advise!



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Given that you have a high hair line and fairly limited loss, if you were to get on finasteride, I think you would be a good candidate, considering you have decent donor characteristics. If you are considering shaving your head in the future, I would consider FUE. Looks like you have pretty nice hair. I would first consider finasteride and minoxidil.

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