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Oops - Used hydrogen peroxide instead of saline

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I hope somebody can answer my question. I had a FUT HT earlier this week which involved 3104 grafts. My post op care includes wetting the recipient area with saline, blotting with gauze, and applying antibiotic ointment. Unfortunately, 24 hours after my transplant I accidentally applied hydrogen peroxide to my scalp instead of saline. The peroxide was diluted 50/50 with saline, so it was right around 1.5%. I immediately flushed my recipient area with saline to rinse off the peroxide, and then applied the ointment. My question: Could I have damaged the new grafts by accidentally applying the 1.5% hydrogen peroxide solution to my scalp?

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You absolutely could have, but as you immediately flushed the area with saline, washing it out and diluting the peroxide, hopefully it will be okay. In the lab if we come into contact with caustic substances we always flush the area with water, usually does the trick and has no real consequences.... If you can, then contact your surgeon as soon as possible just to make sure...


How did you manage to get peroxide mixed up with distilled water.

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I had a HT 10 months ago and my doc said DONT do anything for 2 weeks NO water NO anything KEEP your head band on SLEEP upright!!!!!....Now that I look back that's good advice

I did everything BUT kept my head band on..KaBoom face blew up

I took my headband off and sleep on may face BIG mistake haha (my face Blew up)

Good luck, Im not a doc But if you rinsed with water right away you should be ok....

The HT wait game is so scary, Im not gonna down play it.. I was really depressed and always thought the worst for the first 4 months till I saw some hair grow...

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I have a saline spray bottle that I use to clean the grafts several times per day. I also have a spray bottle with saline and peroxide that I'm supposed to use to clean the donor area. The bottles and liquids look identical. I did label the bottles, but still managed to grab the wrong one. I won't make that mistake again.

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