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A couple questions

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Okay I got a couple questions I was wondering if you guys can help me out with.


I noticed there are two types of hairs that falls out, one with that seems that still has like a little ball on the end, like it fell out from the root or something, is it going to grow back? should I be worried about the hair that falls out with "root" versus without?


Also, I wear a hat a lot (loose fitted), I wear a hat almost all the time outside to the point where my hair barley see's the sunlight, I was told the UV rays destroy hair follicles and that its wise to wear a hat in the sunlight, is that true?


Finally, can anyone recommend a website that sells cheap finsteride? I got a prescription for the generic brand and I'm tired of paying almost $60 to refill.


If anyone can help with these questions I will truly appreciate it :D

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1. The caliber of the hair is the most important part about a hair that sheds. If it is significantly finer than your donor, then it could be on its way out.


2. If you have had a transplant, you want to avoid a burn, but if UV destroyed hair follicles, all surfers would be bald. There is no truth to that. Its a genetic thing 95% of the time, barring some rare medical condition.


3. Get a legitimate script and go to Walmart. It is 9 dollars and it lasts 4 months when cut into quarters giving you an average dose of 1.25mg per day.

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1. So, your saying that if a hair with the "root" falls out will grow back unless the "root" looks thin than it won't, correct?


2. So, do you I wear my hat less outside so my hair gets sunlight, does it make a difference?


3. What do you mean by the legitimate brand? propecia? I have finsteride 1mg and they charge me $65 cause I didn't have insurance at the time, but I have insurance now. I've been on finsteride for about 5-6 months so would you recommend1.25mg?

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