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Hair Transplant Surgery - Sydney Australia

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Hello guys,


I am new here and need some advice.


I have decided to have hair transplant surgery done.


I currently use Nioxin Shampoo only to help control my hair loss.


Please can I get some advice on who is the best surgeon to use in Sydney from others that have had it done in Sydney and had good results.


I was going to take advantage of this offer from from a place call New Hair that is offering a deal now for $10990 for unlimited transplant grafts (really is 6265) but after reading some comments on here about the DR that runs the place I am scared and put off to use them.


I tried to use the search for a local surgeon but there is none for Australia listed on this site :(


Please Sydney people give me some good advice, I am ready and have saved the money for the procedure :)



One thing I have not found online is after having the surgery do you just leave the hair to grow or do you need to keep applying lotions such as Rogaine to keep it healthy and growing?



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I have been doing some research all day today and am now leaning to traveling from Sydney to Thailand to visit Dr Path. He is a recommended consultant from this site and seems to have good reviews.


I have emailed him my photos so just waiting for some feedback from him and a rough price :)

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