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Second Hair Transplant, seeking advice

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Hey Guys,


Absolutely love this website and nothing better to help all the fellow hair loss sufferers so no better place to post and gain some advice.


Ive had my first hair transplant procedure in Feb 2012 with Dr Madhu in Hyderabad. Great experience and pretty much did everything I wanted however the hair wasn't as densely packed as I was expecting and it has quite a see through effect in the hairline. Im still using nanogen to thicken it up and it gets really hard to make the hairline look natural and thick and takes me around an hour!!! so have decided to go for a second procedure. I was considering either Dr Madhu or Dr Radha who are both recommended on this site and are both great surgeons. My only concern is that from all the pics they and other members have posted, every hairline done via them seems to have a see through effect, however that isn't the case with many other surgeons out of India.


Now is there something specific I am meant to be asking for in order to make the hairline dense like the results of other surgeons?? Also I know you cannot compare the two as they are equally good however does one do better in certain aspects that the other??


I was really considering going to Dr Radha this time just for a change however I have seen a lot of her pics where the grafts seem to be very widely spread and that will always give a see through effect.


I know there will be thousands of such questions and would really appreciate your help. I have attached some pics as well so you can see.















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a lot of times, with some doctors, all you are getting is trick photography. I don'y know a lt about the doctors in India, but I do know that you should not expect your transplant to look like original density. You could consider doing another pass for density but I would not think about moving your hairline forward. You will also have a sweet spot in terms of length of hair. It looks a little more dense in the shorter photos.

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How does it look when you keep your hair short(like in the last pic),combed and without toppik application?

Your hair seems to be very thick on the top and sides(wavy and coarse too) while the transplanted hair is of Okay density but definitely can be increased.Given that you have fair skin tone and dark hair,I think your scalp will still be visible under bright light, if you keep your hair longer (and not combed(m sorry if you did :) ) like you did in pics 7-10.

Results of dense packing by both the docs are available in this forum or youtube(Dr.Madhu,only)

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thanks for the reply spanker and ArcaneX, the hair is pretty see through without toppik regardless of the length (pic 5 and 6 look dense as I am not directly under the light) and I am aware that under direct harsh light the scalp will still be slightly visible however at the moment my hair has the see through effect regardless how bright or dim the light is. I was wondering and correct me if I am wrong but would having the hairline with say 80% density eliminate the see through effect? if so then that's really all I am after. I think initially I had about 3500 grafts so if I could get another 3500 that should make the frontal region especially the hairline really dense right?


I have had a look at a lot of results of both doctors and while some look awesome and some look average and I am aware that it differs from patient to patient but in your experience would you suggest one over the other in regards to what I am after?? I was thinking that since Dr Radha is more hands on I could explain to her more in depth as to my needs and have a greater chance of them being fulfilled as she focuses on only one patient rather than Dr Madhu where majority of the work is done by his assistants and they are not present when I explain what I am after. Then again I have had a good experience with Dr Madhu and so going back to him would be logical hence the dilemma.

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The density can definitely be increased(I had the same experience,though they left my hairline untouched ) provided you have enough donor hair.

Since 3500 grafts were already used,I guess you should go easy on the hairline(in case you require in the future).I believe a smaller session of ~1500 grafts will make a difference.As for the docs,both are good in dense packing.

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