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Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia (Review) For Hair Transplant

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Had a Hair transplant Surgery done by Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia in Kolkata, India for around 2 Lakhs Indian Rupees for 1500 Hair follicles on the top vertex of my head on 25 June 2012.


The complete strip was removed from back of my head by surgery and then follicles where placed on my vertex. The surgery itself was'nt painful but the process was very uncomfortable. Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia and his team did the job well with proper care and less pain.


But unfortunately AFTER more than a year i have come to a conclusion that the job gave UNSATISFACTORY results. And I am not very pleased with the outcome. The results are very minor and did not fulfill my goal of covering the bald vertex on top my head which is still visible and looks the same as it was before the surgery.


The doctor is courteous and well spoken and very professional with his job but i feel that i should have rather spent my money elsewhere which would have given me better results. Also i would suggest others to do proper research with other patients before undergoing the hair transplant surgery either with him or any other doctors.


Below are the pics taken before the surgery (pre-surgery)that is 25th June 2012....and then 33 days after the surgery. And (post-surgery) pics taken 15 months after the surgery..:(









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