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I think it is about time to share my story (from an Aussies perspective)

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Well it should be titled 'New Zealanders perspective on overseas hair transplants'

I had been experiencing hair loss for about 10 years (22), annoyingly it was thinining (would have prefered receeding), overall it didnt bother me alot because my hair on the sides was almost thick enough to conceal it. By about 30 concealing my thinning spot on the top was beyond a joke whenever there was a bit of wind or even when I stood up my hair would part to reveal the hideous bald spot.

So last year after some research (had already planned a a thai trip with friends) which involved reading heaps of reviews about surgeons and the procedure itself I went in for a hair transplant.


Surgery day.


So I fasted prior to the surgery, the night before i was due to go out with mates and have a crazy as night but i stayed in and prepared for the following day. The next morning i took the train and heading into the centre of Bangkok when I arrived at the surgery i was Greeted by the nurses and assistants and made to feel very very welcome (almost over the top but all good). I had the neccessary tests/medical and then I was ready for the surgery....I dont know if this is a record but I had between 3500-3900 grafts in one session (dont know if i would reccomend it) the session itself went for around 10 hours and i was in the surgery for about 12 hours...after I got given a bandana (I am a hat wearer and brought a hat to wear...no good though forehead was already quite swollen). So after been given pain killers and other post med info I was sent back to the hotel...the next morning I made sure I wore my hat when i caught up mates (one i purchased at a market on way home prev night) they didnt really notice anything but i was taking the plane that day and what do you have to do when you fly take off your hat at the departure gate! I had blood on forehead and all sorts eh but i guess they see all sorts of people go through.


Back home.


So I arrived back home and actually thought i would be able to hide it from the missus (ho hum just a minor cosmetic thing) but noooooo. Head was already big, eyes starting to close and i had work the next day. Well two things I couldnt hide it from the missus and I was off work for 5 days and even when i went back to work I had quite a bit of bruising!


3 months


After three months i started seeing some growth but was a little disenchanted, i think there were more scabs than hair.


6 months


good growth in the front central section (where i had a tiny little tuft of hair previously) beside that was starting to fill out.


12 months.


Fairly good coverage still not as dense as the rest of hair, one area where slightly more thin than the other section has a few scabs/dry skin, what usually happen once these scaps go is regrowth, if this happens the coverage will be more than sufficient. The growth makes friends look twice and think hmm i am sure he had less hair than that previously, i now swim more (wet hair previously looked terrible). I can style my hair and even my brother didnt even notice and actually said he hopes his hair is similar to mine when he is my age.


So to summarise.



More hair.

More confidence




big scar (dont think about shaving your head again- your either in or you aint)


Swollen head like a basketball

Difficult to sleep

Tough to hide

Quite costly



Now if anyone has any questions i feel it is my duty to answer at least some!

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Hi macjay, than you for sharing your experience! It would be great if you give us more information about your HT. Who was your surgeon? Can you post some pictures? I am glad you liked your results. I am going to have my HT in 2 weeks....

An amazing experience (4002 grafts) with Dr. Koray Erdogan (ASMED Clinic).

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