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Patient is a 28 year old male with a significant family history for MPHL. We post this case to reinforce the concept of lifetime donor/supply vs lifetime loss/demand, as well as illustrate "what it looks like" seven days after surgery, with short hair; we get that last question very often. Here, our plan includes a conservative hairline with recession, placed behind the existing one, and reinforcement of the midscalp area. It is critical in this patient category to plan for the future by anticipating future losses and NOT attempt to "fill in everywhere". There is a limited donor in every patient that must be respected, and this is usually concurrent with a much larger lifetime demand (area of potential loss requiring transplant). Understanding this lifetime imbalance and creating realistic surgical plans is key to long term transplant success. Also, note the look at seven days post op- if the hair is about 1/2 inch longer, the transplant would be fairly undetectable. It is however, some patient's choice to keep their hair short, so this example is for those considering that option. We are able to accommodate any hair length at surgery. Total: 2528 FU grafts; 728 one's; 1345 two's; 455 three's.








Timothy Carman, MD ABHRS

Chairman, Ethics Committee (ABHRS)
ABHRS Board of Directors

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