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9,168 Hairs with Dr. Edmond Griffin

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This patient has Medium textured "salt and pepper" colored hair. This combination of texture and color does very well in helping create the illusion of a fuller looking head of hair with fewer grafts/hairs. This patient preferred a very conservative restorative improvement for personal reasons. He would rather have a "thinning" look, as opposed to looking like Jon Hamm or Bradley Cooper for example. This type of hair texture/color combination can look harsh or more coarse than it is in actuality. In reality his hair is actually very soft when felt,and not coarse at all. Two separate strip procedures were performed over a 3 year period. The first procedure 1,909 grafts were transplanted containing 4,519 individual hairs. The second procedure was done 3 years later and 1,518 grafts were transplanted containing 4,649 hairs. The image of the scar is after the 2nd procedure taken 1 year after the 2nd surgery. Please be aware that the "see through" appearance is intended to provide a more conservative looking result. This look can be easily avoided or eliminated at any time with more grafts within the areas of hair loss. What is most important, is that the patient's wishes were met and he is very happy with his final result. He still has the option to elect to have another surgery to achieve a fuller head of hair.








Hair Restoration Specialist with Dr. Edmond I. Griffin and Dr. Ashley R. Curtis of The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration in Atlanta, GA 1-800-806-4247 Our patient goal is to create imperceptible and natural looking hair transplant results.

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