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Balding with long hair?

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There use to ba a standard for this if you were a caucasian. Simply grow it out, apply some hair oil and comb it straight back. ( Coke rimmed glasses optional) The Lyndn Johnson look was popular right up to about 1970. By then the look had some massive chopper side-burns.


Still, it is a perfectly respectful and classy look. I'm surprised it hasn't taken off more recently, especially with the reaction against the buzz cut so popular from the mid 90s.

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Is there anyone here who is balding or has had hair loss, who still has kept their hair long? Pictures? I am just curious.


I seen a hasson and Wong case recently. The guy had long hair, it looked pretty natural. Might be worth having a look through their pics.

Hair Transplant Dr Feller Oct 2011


Hair Transplant Dr Lorenzo June 2014

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