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300 uGrafts of Leg Hair For Eyebrow Hair Transplant On Male Patient

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Eyebrow restoration is a procedure that is often chosen by male patients in addition to women. The patient in the photos and video below had very sparse eyebrows. They almost looked non existent, causing him to feel self conscious about his appearance. This was exacerbated by a comment that a family member made at a gathering.


Dr. Umar used 300 grafts of hair from the patient's leg to create the density that he wanted. Like nape hair, leg hair is also a close match for eyebrow hair.








More information on his case can be found here: Eyebrow Restoration Results On Male Patient

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The leg hair looks identical to the native eyebrow hair. I have not been impressed with some brow results using scalp hair lately. This is a great result.

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