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'Don't call it a comeback!'

'I've been here for years!'

'I'm rocking new hair!"

'And now it's over my ears!!!'


Yes! Back for 2014! And the growth is phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))


So much so that I've changed my profile picture :D


Yes, that's the six month mark on my profile pic and boy, am I happy!! :))


Dr Villnow's work along with Dr De Reys has made me a very happy man although I've not been so great at keeping this journal updated ;)


I've been out having fun with the new hair though so I hope you can forgive me! :D


OK, ok, so on with the photos.... :)


Just to add to the six month peekaboo that's now my new profile pic, here's a couple more from the six month mark:







To all those who said my hair looks good with a buzz cut, no doubt, you are right (once the hair is there, right?) BUT....now it looks good long too :D:))))))))))


So to hark back to those good ole, buzz cut, halcyon days, here's the full set of two month photos....;)
























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These are amazing results. I am a long time lurker of these forums who doesn't post that often but I had to comment on how amazing your 6 month photos look.


Congratulations man.


At 6 months the results are incredible and people say its 12-15 months before you get the full results. You already look amazing but will look perfect at 12 months.


I would love to see more pictures of the 6 month mark and new pictures each month.


I am very close to pulling the trigger on a HT as I already have the funds. I had Turkey and three possible surgeons picked but this has made me reconsider. Its time to research Villnow and Reys now :)

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Thanks Buddy! I'm also amazed that Dr Villnow's hairs are coming through so strong already. It looks like the hairline has been boosted right now and I was expecting that to happen in a few months time.


Gotta say that most of the 'big' hair is Dr De Reys work so credit where credit's due. I'm definitely looking forward to the 12 month mark! :)

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Hey Schmiggy, yep, been taking regular photos, just haven't been on the forum much. I'll put them up soon.


Chest scars all gone. Hair super big (I'm going for an Afro look now :D )


I'll put these up v.v. soon!!!



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OK guys, here's the new updates. These are three months after the second op (I know it's a lot longer than that right now - I'm not so hot on logging in! :) )


The main thing is the chest. IF you check out this photo, you can see that the chest scars are completely gone. That took three months.


Here's the photo:






I thought it would actually take longer to heal up so I was kinda surprised to see it healed up. No idea if this is quick or slow, I'm just glad it happened.


Actualyl though, even with the scars I still went swimming and I can honestly say not a single person ever noticed a thing. Maybe darker hair hides scars better. Maybe it's not so easy to hide on fairer skin. No idea. All I know is that I was swimming less than a month after the op in public places (on the beach!) and no one noticed a thing.


I know it's gonna get confusing if I start doing previews of future photos for the coming months so here's the next set of photos in order (three months).


I kinda tempted to show you guys the afro thing that I'm growing as I write but I'm saving that one up ;)



























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Congratulations on your results William! I'm going to be looking to get a transplant soon and was hoping I could utilise some body hair so its good to see that it actually heals pretty nicely. Is there any reason why surgeons don't want to use leg hair? Mine is much thicker than my chest hair with three or so hairs per graft so I hate it but if I could use it on my head that would be great!


If you were to shave your chest is the pigment of your skin darker where the donor hair was extracted? I don't have much chest hair so if I used it I would probably have to use it all lol.

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OK, here’s a taste of that afro style!!!




It is rocking most definitely now! All this big stuff at the front is mostly Dr De Reys work but those temples are also pretty nice thanks to Dr Villnow who added in the finishing touches. Still you can now really start to see how the growth has been awesome. The hairs are now mega-big and I’m starting to have fun with that! :)


Now, that photo is from the twelve month mark after the last op with Dr Villnow (and like a year and a half or something since the last op with Dr De Reys). Reckon it shows that you just got to be a bit patient with growth. Doesn’t always happen in twelve. But if you wait, boy, is it goooooood!!!!!!!!!!


Now that’s not to say that the growth at 6 months was bad, no sir. Check out these photos below from 6 months after the op with Dr Villnow.













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Great update William its always fantastic to hear about and see when someone gets the results they are looking for. These pictures are exactly what I was looking for in terms of any scarring that results from the BHT. In your case it looks minimal but you do have more chest hair than me so I feel it would be more noticeable on my chest which is disappointing.


I always knew there would have to be some kind of scarring I just wasn't sure what it would be like- I'm not sure if you had a chance to see the message I sent you about leg hair? The surgeons you went to seem really good so I wondered if they ever offered you that option or explained why they didn't use it?

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OK folks, it's been mega long since I last posted and so much has happened!!!


Klopp's at Liverpool now!!


OK, so I've got a way to go before I become Liverpool Manager but at least the same doc did our hairs (with a little help from Dr De Reys;) )!


Sooooo, here we go with the next instalment:


This is going to be that 9 months thing I did in the last post. It's a lot longer than nine months right now but I'll pop those photos up later. Here we go!


First off, from the right, I've been letting it grow a bit as you can see!




Now from the right with the hair pulled back. You can really see Dr Villnow's superstrong hair line here




Here's one from the front - bit unruly but what a change from the photos on the first page!




Now one from the back (this is nine months so not fully grown out yet!)




And finally, the chest, pretty much all healed up now!




Right, that's it for now. Back soon I promise!!!!!!:)))))))))

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11 months! Body hair!!!


Ok, just got time to put up this quick photo of how Dr Villnow's body hair is looking. It all went into the crown and it's 11 months and I think you can see it's really there. Check it out! (I'll put up some close-ups next time...got to run!!)



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looks pretty decent. would have though there would be more density with that many grafts tho. looks like you need another 1000-1500 on ur crown. ill bet some SMP would really help with the illusion of density.

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Hey Chewy, Skylar, thanks guys!! Yep, I'm very happy, the result from basically Norwood 6 to this is amazing! Skylar, don't really like the idea of SMP, don't think it's my thing, Chewy, yep, I'll take a look for some chest pics next. The chest was totally fine within a few months, couldn't see anything ever happened

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