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DID the barber damage my hair transplant?

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im around 5 months after my hair transplant to restore my hairline everything was goin fine till i had to get my first haircut since, so i went to the barber i told him i wanted a specific hairstyle but i guess he didnt understand (since the music was pretty loud) and gave me a buzz haircut that means no guard on the clipper so while he was line up my hairline i didnt feel no pain but when he finished cutting my hair i noticed that the area where i had my transplant was red idk if its because the skin is more delicate in that area and it got irritated or he went in too deep with his clipper and scratch off some hair :confused::confused::confused::confused:

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5 months post op? Your transplanted grafts are completely secure!! You have nothing to worry about whatsoever, and my guess is that the scalp is just irritated from the close contact with the clippers. The music must have been really loud (or the barber extremely lazy) if he mistook a haircut for a buzz cut! It's not funny, but it made me laugh a little when I got the visual.......

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If I were you next time I would just tell them don't touch the front at all, come up with whatever reason that makes the barber not touch it. Even go to a barber you will never go to again and then tell them the truth.


It is your investment, I wouldn't risk it in the early months.

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