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Propecia Side Effects - Recovery Story

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Hi there,


just published this in another forum. If somebody can get benefit out of it, I?m glad to share ...



I used to suffer from heavy side effects caused by propecia like brainfog, depression, anxiety, sexual problems, memory loss and sluggish speech for about 5 years.


My side effects were so severe that I couldn’t work, couldn’t hang out with friends, couldn?t have sex, couldn?t even smell and taste. In the first years, I was just at home and lying in my bed. I couldn’t feel no joy for nothing and felt totally disconnected and numb.


I saw many doctors and naturopaths on the way. I what quite hard to convince many professionals, nobody could believe that Propecia can cause this. I tried different supplements, drugs, hormones etc. and found that they didn’t make it better, some even made it worse.


More and more and realized, that just taking another form of drug to heal my symptoms might not do the job. And so i got interested into a more holistic kind of an approach and finally also met a doctor, who was very skilled and showed real interest in my case.


Together with her, we worked out plan, how to reset my hormonal system and adrenals completely and bring my body back in balance again. Besides keeping a healthy diet and taking the right supplements ,we focused very much on healing the colon, as she says, that hormones and neurotransmitter production as well as adrenal function are very depended on a healthy intestinal flora.


„If you don’t have a healthy colon, you much more sensitive all sorts of diseases including the side effects of certain pharmaceuticals. „ that’s what she said.


I tried various colon cleansing methods before, and failed, until i learned how to it the right way.

The better my colon got and the more detoxified my body was, the lesser my side effects got as well.

In my case it was quite obvious, that the condition of my colon and adrenals very directly connected to the degree of my side effects.


Today I?m fully free of symptoms, and honestly guys, just a year back, I couldn’t believe that this will ever be the case. I don’t have any brainfog, depression, anxiety and sexual problems left. I feel that I got all my energy back and finally can close this chapter once and for all.


I m currently working on blog were I will my whole program with you I cannot guarantee, that this will cure everyone, but it certainly can make you feel much better, more clear and also improve your sexual energy,.



The main steps I did were:


- getting toxins, heavy metals and acids completely out of my body by taking huge amount of bentonite everyday

changing the ph of my blood and tissues by eating a alkaline diet

eating foods, that support my colon, hormones and adrenals

- changing the ph and environment in my intestinal flora by taking bowel supplements and probiotica

taking bio-identical progesterone

taking DeoxyCholic Acid ( DCA) which is a bile acid

- taking chinese herbs to restore my sexual energy like schisandra, cordyceps etc.

doing exercises that support hormone and adrenal function

living a natural lifestyle

avoiding stress as much as possible

changing my mental attitude in regards to my side effects and taking responsibility



these are the rough points. My blog will be finished in a few weeks, then you?ll get in very in detail.




Take care!!



Recovery from Propecia related side effects like brainfog and depression

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Very interested to see how u overcame this .....looking forward to the blog.

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here is my blog where I write about how I overcame my side effects.


If anyone can find helpful information there, I am happy...


Help for post-finasteride-syndrome and propecia related side effects like brainfog, depression and impotence





Recovery from Propecia related side effects like brainfog and depression

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Thank you for sharing. Normally, outside links are not permitted on the forums. However, because this seems educational and non-promotional in natural, I think it's okay to leave for now. Having said that, please refrain from posting additional links in the future.


Thank you for understanding,

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant for the Hair Transplant Network, the Hair Loss Learning Center, the Hair Loss Q&A Blog, and the Hair Restoration Forum


All opinions are my own and my advice does not constitute as medical advice. All medical questions and concerns should be addressed by a personal physician.

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