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Dr. Carman - 1470 Grafts - Hairline

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It's been about five days since my surgery with Dr. Carman in La Jolla, CA. I must say I am very pleased so far with my results, and just wanted to share some before and after photos here on the forums.


I was probably a Norwood 3 before my surgery, and am probably closer to a Norwood 2 now. I've fought a receding hairline since I was about 18, and am currently on finasteride and rogaine. I'm 41 now, and my hairline has been pretty stable since I was about 26 since I've been on finasteride.


I've done research on here for about a year, and decided on Dr. Carman after consulting with several doctors. I was very apprehensive as to going ahead with surgery even though I've not been happy with my hairline for about 20 years now, but he set me at ease with his professional as well as humorous demeanor. He's got a lot of ER experience, so I felt confident that I'd be safe in his hands.


It's a bit hard to tell in the photos, but his work is fantastic. He did a perfect job on my hairline, and I'm constantly mesmerized at the new hairs. I know the doldrums will be here soon, so I'm preparing to be patient through the summer. Any feedback is appreciated.








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Looks great and I love the placement and shape of the hairline. I think you will be pleased.

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