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Those with severe baldness are often given two standard recommendations:

(1) shaving their entire head

(2) wearing a hair piece


This patient, however, did not want either option. Instead, he wanted to have real hair growth on his head. Dr. Umar was able to harvest grafts from the patient's beard areas and combined this with head hair.


The patient was able to achieve significant coverage during his first procedure which used 8,000 uGrafts. He returned for a second session a year later for greater density. 4,000 additional grafts were applied.




Here is a video which features his personal feedback along with reactions that he received from other people.




More information about this patient's experience can be found here: http://www.dermhairclinic.com/video-severe-baldness-follow-up-12000-ugrafts-results/

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Wow, that is some extreme, outstanding, ambitious, high-yield work right there. I mean wow, a Norwood SEVEN?? And he ends up with more hair on the top of his head than a lot of us have? Aside from simply blowing my mind at the sheer number of grafts and the ingenious use of beard hair, this just gives me so much hope - I mean if a slick-bald NW7 can end up with what is essentially a full head of hair, then most of us should be just dandy! This is the bar, man... This is what to shoot for. Go for the gusto.


Amazing. I don't think anyone's going to out-do this magnum opus of resourcefulness and aesthetics until they finally crank out and stabilize the whole stem-cell hair-multiplication thing.

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