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Many, if not all, on here know that Dr. Umar is top notch for BHT's. I have tried looking at as many results and procedures as possible (been bored past couple of days). I noticed beard and chest are the areas of the body used to extract hair but I was wondering if anyone has heard of patients using leg hair? I am just curious... as a middle eastern man I have a thick beard and ironically barely any chest and arm hair (both upper and lower, weird I know) however I do have a lot of upper and lower leg hair. In my opinion, not thinking as a Doctor/surgeon, I assume I could use my excessive leg hair for an FUE procedure but any thoughts of the use of any part outside beard and chest grafts?

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Umar has used leg hair to create or enhance eyebrows and also to fill in scars. He also uses leg hair for hairlines sometimes because of their thin caliber. Umar can use anything really. I have heard of him using chest hair, back hair, arm hair, leg hair, thigh hair, abdomen hair etc.

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There are very few tried cases of BH using leg, arm, back, regions of the body. Tried meaning that these individuals have presented their cases with proof from start to present, providing time lapsed photos.


What we do know is that these alternative areas of the body have varying degrees of the growth cycle and when relocated, have not proven consistent results both in terms of overall yield and duration of growth cycle. It is still in an exploratory stage at this point in time and no wonder that you only hear of maybe one or two surgeons doing it. Obviously the premier surgeon for this is Dr. Umar regarding case trials and research with BH.


The degree of coarseness for most individuals in the body are the beard and chest and no doubt why they are the most promising BH donor regions. But another very important factor is the "length of regrowth hair" from other areas of the body. Leg hair and arm hair not only have inconsistent yield results, but I have yet to see even one case of arm or leg hair that achieved regrowth length that was suitable to make any significant cosmetic compatibility or visible improvement to the scalp. Yes, scar repair with arm/leg hair can be considered but still no consistency with it regarding yield in scars. I am coming to more of an opinion that beard hair is best donor for scar repair.


Either way, whether for repair or an alternate donor source, I highly recommend doing small initial test sessions no matter wherever the BH donor is taken from.


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I am not a physician and not employed by any doctor/clinic. My opinions are not medical advice, but are my own views which you read at your own risk.

Supporting Physicians:  Dr. Robert True & Dr. Robert Dorin, New York, NY

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