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My HT Adventure: Monthly Review (1330 FUT by Feller)

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Heyo all! So I never posted a thread dedicated to my HT immediately post-op, as I made the decision to gather some pics documenting my journey first. But now that I'm 2 Months out, it's time to get this show on the road!


My hair story is probably like many others before me. I used to have a perfectly straight immature hairline that was dense and coarse as a mofo. I NEVER thought I'd have MPB, as my Mother's side is pretty set with hair, and while my Father is about a NW4, HIS father died with a full head of hair (NW2 max). Add the fact my hair characteristics are completely different from my pops (his hair is very fine, straight and oily), I was totally blindsided by Mother Nature.


At first it started off maturing normally at the temples, and I'm cool with that, I think certain hairstyles look badass with a slight widows peak/forelock. But then I started getting diffuse miniaturization across my frontal third. At that point I was all "Hell no Mother Nature, no take backs!" So I researched for about 7 Months and I finally joined forces with Dr. Feller to help bolster my retreating troops.


The Op itself was pretty easy, the anticipation and waiting was the worst part. Maybe it's just me, and I don't think I'm particularly tough, but I've honestly had worse pain from dentists doing a routine filling. And even then I usually just power through it. Anyway, the staff was friendly and talkative, and Feller walked me through what steps he was taking during the process (the cauterization laser is cool), except for when he got in the zone to make all the recipient incisions/slits. Like I said before, the process as my tiny little hair buddies were dropped into their comfy head holes wasn't painful, but the waiting game was! Anyhoo, after lunch from a local deli and my post-op briefing I was set to go!


On the drive home, the local anesthesia wore off and my forehead felt like I had crazy sunburn, but that was the worst of it. Sure the staples were kinda uncomfortable, but that's to be expected when you have metal keeping your skin from flapping around. I slept sitting up right, popped the Vicodin and went to work the next day.


Overall it's been a great Adventure, and I'm comfortable with the idea of doing it again in the future. Now what most people are probably waiting for: PICTURES!





Post-Op: Day 1



Post-Op: 2 Months



There are more pics in my photo-album with descriptions and whatnot!


Currently I'm taking Biotin, Strontium/Calcium, Multivitamin, Vitamin E and D2. Also applying 5% Minox spray/liquid before bed.



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Added regimen.

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Congratulations! Thank you for sharing!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


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Annnnd I'm back with some updates for y'all! It's been a little over a month since my last post, and I'm now sitting at 102 days post-op. No earth shattering progress, but there's definitely been some! At this point I think I've seen most of my native hairs surface, or rather the one's that survived miniaturization & the procedure. It's still nerve wracking not knowing which are transplants, which are natives and how it'll all look in the end. The thought of me doing something to cause lost grafts is always creeping in the back of my mind.


What I can say is this process is almost like looking at my hair(time)line in reverse. At this point, the hair that has grown in the newly designed hairline, is an approximate of where I was one year pre-op. Obviously back 2 years ago it had more density, but I was already exhibiting that diffuse "M" pattern and I started noticing a defined concave dip where my forelock once was. It was at that point I really started worrying, and a year later I committed myself to research and pulled the trigger.


Anyway on to my regimen:

Spectral DNC every night before bed; on days where I wear a hat I'll spritz some in the morning.

5000 mcg of Biotin daily

1000 mg of MSM daily.

Vitamin E, Strontium/Calcium, D2, Fish Oil and Multi-Vitamin daily.


Pics @ 3 Months:



And as always (cause I'm too lazy to write in the actual blog) more comments and pics in ze photo album.



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H'okay, I'm back for my 4 month update. While the months themselves have gone by quickly, the realization of how long a hair transplant actually takes to come to fruition has finally dawned on me. You can read it on paper and be all, "Pffft...9 months to a year? Whatever." But actually living it is a different story. No matter how much preparation and research I'd done, I still get the feeling like an antsy kid waiting to open presents.


Another thing I never realized until now, was how many haircuts I would've received, and how fast my hair normally grows. However, thanks to this hair transplant things were put into perspective. Despite reading about transplant timelines, and knowing about the phases of the hair cycle, I must have been subconsciously thinking "Okay...in 4 months my hair should be like x, based on past experience!" Except that's comparing apples to oranges and whatnot. So, while I rationally knew the hairs would be in Telogen for awhile, emotionally I was expecting normal growth rate.Thankfully, I'm a pretty cool cucumber. Now for more waiting!


And of course, the pics!


Frontal and profile of hair, greasy from Minoxidil application, shot under fluorescent lighting but no flash.




I know it's too early, but I most definitely will want subtle temple points restored and a possible .5cm to 1 cm lowering, while maintaining a mature hairline.



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Looking good so far right on track. From 4 to 5 months I noticed a big change, you're just getting into the exciting time now.

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Thanks for the replies guys! Feedback is always great cause no matter how much I try and step away to objectively judge, it's just not comparable to outside opinions.


I'm really excited to hear that around 5 months is when a lot of people's growth kicked into overdrive. Right now it's hard to see the forest from the trees. I'm just waiting patiently till the day I can attempt to style it like I used to.


Anyway, here's one more pic with hair dry and down after a day of hat wearing. Once again fluorescent lighting, no flash, hair looking crazy as I tried to finagle it so the recipient can be seen.



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Woop Woop! Buzzed my hair down to #8 (Wahl) on the sides and back; can't tell shit. Next stop #6!




I'll try uploading better quality multiple angle shots later.



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Thanks man. I guess cause of my diffuse pattern and age. Better to play it conservative. I can go back and get another for density and touch ups if needed (probably will). But I'm real happy with the donor, I haven't had my hair cut down to any razor guard length in awhile, so I'm happy that #8 is completely safe.

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It's that time to bring y'all the ever continuing documentation of my HT Adventure!


So it's been 5 months and 5 days since my procedure and what can I say? For the most part I've acquiesced that I can normally style my hair down in a super long, semi-hipster Caesar. I hate it, but I can live my day to day life looking semi-normal I suppose. I still can't style my hair the way I used to, nor can I buzz to an uniform length without revealing a sparse hairline, and my giant forehead lol.


I'd be lying if I claimed I wasn't somewhat disappointed with the progress between month 4 and 5. I know I still have many months to go; it's just getting disheartening. I'm still waiting for the hairline to define itself. It's still nebulous with tons of gaps and a general lack of density. There's been improvement for sure, but it's barely anything major. I'm actually quite fine with the density the rest of my frontal third is exhibiting, which I thought would be a point of concern due to my diffuse pattern, but it's coming in great. It's the hairline that concerns me, and always has. I think it's more the fact it was nearly all grafts, so I can't say "Oh,well I traded some weakened miniaturized hair for the transplants." I'm probably being overly paranoid, but figured I'd voice my thoughts.




Front- Tilted: Under harsh lighting and unflattering as possible. No flash, no games.









Front- Head On: (Apply directly to the forehead) Full face included to show proportions and the hairline.




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Lo there all,


I'm here to check in for my milestone 6 month review! This month I can honestly say the density has increased significantly. What I can't do is put my finger on when exactly it happened lol. Definite improvement over my 5 month photos, even while damp with Minoxidil. I'm stoked to see what more is to come, and will try duck my head into Doc Feller's office for him to document the 6 month results as well.


Pictures: As usual, same harsh overhead lighting, position and camera. Dry and damp photos taken for objectivity.


Dry Head On



Damp Head On



Dry Tilted



Damp Tilted



I also have two profile views in my album and a proposed second procedure hairline. So far I'm pretty satisfied, and know I will no longer have an entirely bald frontal third. I still want to tweak the hairline and temple points a bit now that the groundwork is complete. As always, any comments appreciated!

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Big improvement from month 5!! The real change should happen in the next 4 -6 months!!! Great photos hadn't seem this thread before!! Will be following!!

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Thanks all! I wish my transplanted hair could hop in a time machine and come back when they're all done. Seriously, waiting is the worst part of the entire experience. :D

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Hey hey all!


Been busy lately so here's a slightly belated 7 Month update. Growth has plateaued, still continuing with my typical hair care routine. Overall I'm satisfied and love that I now can go without a hat or any type of cover for that matter. I had my hair cut real short immediately after the 6 month photos were taken, and I was surprised how tight I could go. Barber used a 4 blade fade into a 6. Not a trace of scar. So that I'm really satisfied with.


But...as of posting this I still feel my forehead is too high. It is important to mention that I understood fully that I was opting for a conservative hairline. This was my choice. In hindsight I honestly wish I went slightly more aggressive. I know I still have 5 or so months till full maturation, but right now the combination of the hairline being high and not being "wowed" by the hairline in general is holding me from skipping for joy. I absolutely love that I can style the frontal 3rd again, but the fact remains I have to hide way too much scalp, and also the hairline a bit. If I had the same conservative hairline, but slightly lower on my head, I'd be satisfied with having to deal with creative styling. As of now I still feel it's simply too high. It looks great styled in a way that hides said flaws, but that alone limits styling options. I wanted a HT so I could stop hiding.


With that said, I figured I'd need two ops from the start, and I am being nitpicky. I also will hold final judgement when I hit 12 months. In the meantime I will be scheduling a follow-up with the Doc to discuss any future plans, and have him evaluate the progress first hand.


Now for the pics! I'll upload some wet/higher res later. All pictures taken without a flash for objectivity.




3/4 Angle:





Hairline Pulled Back:





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Looks great! I understand where you're coming from with the hairline. I'd also like to lower mine. It's that darn hair greed that sets in. Glad you are enjoying the new mop!

David - Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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Guess what day it is!? Nope, not Hump Day. It's update time!


So, it's one week past my official 8 Month mark and here I am. Not much to say as no major changes have occurred. Still feel the density of the hairline could use some improvement, especially in the forelock area. Scar non-issue, which speaks for Dr. F's closure and my ability to scar well (one of the reasons I went with FUSS). While the density is only "meh" IMO, the placement is very natural so there's that. ONWARD TO THE PICS!


Harsh light, no flash, keeping it real disclaimer.


Front Styled: Damn I look tired...job must be taking it's toll recently.



Hairline Close Up Styled: Overall it looks good, if weak.



Downward Angle Styled: Note the difference between a temple covered via styling and not.



Profile Styled: Do like. Styling + placement does wonders.



Hairline Pulled Back: Here you can see the light density. Don't expect it to be a straight wall of hair but for it's height, I was hoping for a better trade-off in density.



Closing Thoughts:

While I'm not fully satisfied as of yet, I'm also not down in the dumps. I had only hoped that going conservative with the hairline would yield higher density. I'll be booking a consult ASAP, getting on Fin and will then re-evaluate in 6 months at my 14 Month mark.


Thanks for reading!

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