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Consultation with Dr. Alexander - Need Feedback

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I had a phone consultation today with Dr. Alexander, and I didn't come away feeling at peace. It wasn't anything he said in particular. He was very kind and answered all of my questions. I think my expectation was that he would spend time making me feel at ease, as I've been researching for about a year and I've just now worked up the nerve to get a HT. (I'm a 41 year-old NW2-3 and I'm looking to get my temples filled in)


Perhaps the doctor is just speaking from a place of confidence since he's done thousands of these, or perhaps he thinks I'm just "kicking the tires" and am not serious about getting it done. I was ready to pull the trigger but now I'm hesitant because of how the consultation left me feeling. This was my first consultation.


Maybe I wasn't honest enough about how terrified I am to undergo surgery. Perhaps since a phone call doesn't communicate body language, etc., but the doctor's casual (but confident) responses left me wanting. I sound like a big baby, but I wanted to get some feedback and perspective on the whole thing.


Any thoughts?

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I like his work and everything i have read about him. Id recommend him to a friend.

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The only thing I can put my finger on is the difference in how serious/anxious I am about the procedure, and how casual/matter of fact the doctor sounded. Almost like the doctor was a little distracted or uninterested, I think. This isn't to say he was...it's just how it felt, I think.


I will say it's very likely that I may have come across as casual as well instead of serious and anxious. I don't do well being vulnerable, so it's a possibility he didn't sense that at all from me.

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Personally, I have total confidence in Dr. Alexander. Like you said, there are definitely reasons why a phone consultation may seem impersonal or distant, but I'm not sure this is an accurate reflection of Dr. Alexander. Is it possible to undergo a consultation in person?


Regardless, feeling comfortable with your hair transplant surgeon is crucial. If you don't feel 100% confident and comfortable with any surgeon moving forward, I think you should consider a few more consultations with other recommended hair restoration physicians.


Good luck!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant for the Hair Transplant Network, the Hair Loss Learning Center, the Hair Loss Q&A Blog, and the Hair Restoration Forum


All opinions are my own and my advice does not constitute as medical advice. All medical questions and concerns should be addressed by a personal physician.

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I had (crown) surgery with Dr. Alexander in mid November 2012. -Dr. Alexander is one of the most honest, ethical and talented physicians I have ever met in my life. His facility in Scottsdale is state of the art and his technicians are very experienced. You would be very well served to be in such competent hands. He has a wealth of experience and I cannot give him a higher recommendation. If you can go to his office and meet him personally, you'll see what I mean.


Happy growing!

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Thanks for the replies. After thinking about it some, it hit me what bothered me about the consultation. I had scheduled the consultation for 1pm today, and was told the doctor would call then. I gave the secretary my phone number...then, at 1:15 when I hadn't heard anything, I called their office and was put on hold for almost 15 minutes by the secretary while she "put the doctor on the phone." There was no explanation why the appointment was missed.


Finally, when Dr. Alexander got on the phone I expected him to ask me at least a few questions about my goals, my family history, etc. He started off with telling me approximately how many grafts it would take to meet the hairline I had drawn in. After that, nothing more was said, so I began asking a few questions. Like I said before, he was polite and answered them all. I just didn't feel like he was very interested in me as a patient. That's what I was bummed about.

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It's understandable to feel that way. After all, we're talking about a very expensive procedure that can have a serious effect on your looks as well as your mental state. As far as Dr. Alexander the surgeon goes, I think he is extremely talented. In fact, I think he is one of the most artistic surgeons when it comes to hairline design, and one of the most deft at creating a natural appearance. I would consult some other docs as well, and perhaps try to get Dr. A on the phone again and express your concerns. Communication between doctor and patient is a key element for sure in determining a good outcome.

I am the owner/operator of AHEAD INK a temporary/non-permanent Scalp Micropigmentation Company in the New York area. AHEAD INK is a Milena Lardi trained clinic and uses Beauty Medical equipment and products exclusively.

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When I started out I watched a lot of the Dr video interviews on this site and on youtube. I got an idea of the Drs I thought I'd 'get on with'. That might sound a bit odd but if you like the way the Dr presents themselves you're probably more likely to have confidence in them.


Perhaps Dr Alexander just isn't the right man for you. Contrast his style with Dr Edmond Griffin and it is night and day.

4,312 FUT grafts (7,676 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2013

1,145 FUE grafts (3,152 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2018

My HT results thread from 1st procedure.

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I've always recommended to speak to 2-3 doctors before making a decision. Skill is very important but also feeling comfortable with a doctor of choice.


Best of luck!

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Try and see him in person


Once Dr. Feller had seen my hair and spent 45 mins talking with me, I was so at ease I'd have done the procedure there and then.


Face to face just HAS to be better and more reassuring than the phone...

** I wrote a book called Beating Hair Loss.

** It's available for FREE for 5 days at the start of August on Amazon kindle. Also available in paperback edition.


** Search for 'Beating Hair Loss' by Anthony Gambino on Amazon **




Travelled to New York from the UK for 2000 grafts in the hairline/front third region with Dr. Feller, July 27th 2012. Very happy with my results.


Propecia daily

12.5% minoxidil once daily

5% Kirkland minoxidil foam a few times per week

Avodart once/twice per week





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    • Sorry about your results, disappointing given Dieps top tier status and the amount he charges, and even more disappointing that your fathers results from him turned out worse than yours as you say. Diep should offer you a courtesy partial refund or a complimentary touch-up for you and your father on the same day, it would be the right thing to do.
    • Hi Laser,  Thanks so much for the great response.  That makes sense. I guess I just wasn't too sure if the fact that some areas had gotten a bit worse meant that it isn't working overall. Apologies, I meant to write I'm actually on 0.5mg, so half the recommended dosage. Perhaps I should up it to 1. Do you think someone who may be destined for an advanced pattern can retain enough hair indefinitely by using fin to have a transplant? My dad is about as advanced as one can get.
    • I've been on Finasteride for about 2-3 years.  Good for you. In this time, I've had mixed results. As in, some areas got better, whilst others worsened slightly.  The medication is intended to help you with retention.  Thus, if you look the same a year later, the medication did its job.  If you look better, it just means the miniaturized hair thickened.  Only a small percentage of patients experience this.  My suggestion is to continue the use of the medication and don't stop.  If areas look worse, it could be you are experiencing shedding of the native hair which is normal. I've also heard that finasteride is not as effective for the front portion of ones hair - is this true? And if so, should I continue with it whilst having mixed results?  Based on what you've written, you should continue using the medication.  You've indicated the front has remained the same.  This means the medication is working.  The fact you are showing visual enhancement in other areas should be enough to encourage you to continue and not stopping. The use of the medication is not going to facilitate a transplant.  What it will do is help you achieve a much fuller set of hair.  Keep in mind, no one with an advanced pattern has enough donor to allow for a full set of hair.  It is imperative you retain as much of the native stuff as you can. Now, let me briefly get on your case about how much medication you're taking..... The parent medication to finasteride is Proscar.  It is a 5 mg tab.  Once Merck completed their studies, they confirmed that 1 mg was all that was needed to experience hair retention. They also confirmed a less than 1% chance of experiencing a side effect.  By taking a 5 mg tab, you are multiplying the possibility of a side effect by 5 fold.  Why do that?  Talk to your doctor about taking 1 mg. 
    • I believe medical treatments like fin and minox work best in the crown areas so your experience matches the norm (meaning that such medications are not as effective on the front) The forelock is that area in the middle of the front of your hairline, so if you are a classic NW3 it sounds like your temples have just continued to recede While continuing any medications is always a decision to made by the patient, as long as you don't have any side effects then what is the harm? Especially given the fact your dermatologist has noticed more volume in areas and you've noticed some improvements as well.  If you planning any future surgery it's also strongly recommended by most doctors and clinics to be on fin for at least a year before any surgical date in order to prevent any shockloss to the surrounding native hairs, and also to continue taking it in order to maintain as much native hair as you have for the future. Otherwise you'll just be chasing any future hairloss with more surgeries.    
    • This the main reason I didn’t go with diep .. even though I already deposited the $1000 .. I rather risk losing the deposit than to have subpar results where he won’t fix it .. it’s always the customers fault if ur transplant don’t turn out well . Was the feeling I got when I was speaking the office manager ... hair transplants aren’t guaranteed . But if u don’t have good results , at least attempt to fix it .. who wants to spend $15,000- $20,000 n not get what they paid for.. I mean if ur results were B- quality . It’s still acceptable ,. But this is C- quality, how can u not attempt to fix things ..  they can’t ! Because they booked too far in advance , to fix the mistake they did on u will cost double the money .. the free repair + the $20,000 they would be losing to another potential patient that could be having surgery that day .. it’s just buisiness to the clinic , n another number .. but to us, it’s our savings n A permanent result that lasts forever ..  Good or bad .. clinics need to understand that ..   
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