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3D Stem Cell Printer May Bring New Hair Loss Treatment Options

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Recently, researches in Scotland announced the creation of a 3D printer capable of printing human embryonic stem cells. Among its many applications, scientist hope to one day print entire organs.


What do you think the potential applications may be for hair restoration?


To read more about the process of printing stem cells, see the article,


Stem Cell Printer May Bring Future Hair Loss Treatments

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Certainly sounds interesting. Not to put a damper on anything though, I think the opening words of the article are to be heeded: "One day".


Stem cell research is still in its infancy, 3D printing even more so. I'm immensely excited by both but I just can't see this type of application being anywhere close to imminent. Stem cell treatment in hairloss is still being explored and I don't think a seriously useful, consistent technique has really been refined. Adding a 3D printer to the mix is even further down the line.


Also, I have very little experience in stem cell technology and research, but I'm not entirely sure "printing" stem cells solves any particular problem currently being faced. It might be a more ethically acceptable way to get stem cells, but I don't think we lack for the ability to obtain them.


Exciting news all the same, but I don't think this will really be applicable for any of us in the next two to three decades. I think we'll see a lot of other techniques to battle hairloss arrive before this does.


In the future though, the implications for this could be huge, and not just for hairloss. Good find!

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