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How May Hair Grafts do you think I may need?

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Please find attached my photos, how many grafts I may need for frontal hairline?







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I agree with Jotronic. It would be helpful to see what you're game plan is. However, you seem to have a nice donor area. You could probably harvest 2500-3000 grafts. You could start in the frontal area and go as far back as possible....either front/mid areas for more density and then another surgery for crown OR do all grafts front/back and then come back for another surgery for more density in all areas. Most patients prefer the first option.


Good luck!

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Welcome Samsri,


Obviously you have a lot of area to cover, so you and the surgeon you choose will have to make wise choices about how best to use your donor hair. We all have a limited number of donor hairs so we must use them wisely because they have to last a lifetime. Or at least until they can produce donor hair in test-tubes sometime in the future.


Personally I think guys say 40 and up should not try to chase full heads of youthful hair or a low hairline, and use the transplants to give an appropriate look for someone our age.


Of course it depends on your goals and budget but I would say if you want a "home run" look at the end you are probably going to need 2-3 surgeries and maybe about 8000-9000 grafts by the end of your journey.


I tended to want what I call the "Sting/Kevin Costner look"...which basically at my age means "dont waste a lot of donor hair trying to have a low youthful hairline, use donor hair to thicken front/mid scalp and crown". Usually there is simply not enough donor hair for everything, so we must prioritize.


I think a high forehead with a thick middle and a non-balding crown gives a fairly cool look that does not scream "that guy's bald". The key with this look is to not have a bald crown. It's a bit of different approach than the typical "frame the face" approach which tends to ignore the crown. I prefer a higher hairline and try to cover the crown better.







Rudolf Schenker of rock band Scorpions



Kevin Costner



Phil Collen of rock band Def Leppard

Edited by Shampoo

Dr. Dow Stough - 1000 Grafts - 1996

Dr. Jerry Wong - 4352 Grafts - August 2012

Dr. Jerry Wong - 2708 Grafts - May 2016


Remember a hair transplant turns back the clock,

but it doesn't stop the clock.

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also look into beard/body hair transplantation if you want to go down that route for additional coverage once your donor area is depleted

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Realistically you might be able to achieve a result like Shaun Williamson:



4,312 FUT grafts (7,676 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2013

1,145 FUE grafts (3,152 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2018

763 FUE grafts (2,094 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - January 2020

Proscar 1.25mg Mon/Wed/Fri.

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