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Uk hair transplant clinics = big time fraud


I have been to see the so-called consultant from UK hair transplant clinics; I did see a chap named Paul Hill. I got a bed feeling from the start, as it was obvious he was no more than a pushy salesman with no interested in me or what was best for me, all the alarm bells rang straight away. The consultation was a hard sell from start to finish with the so called consultant having minimal knowledge of hair transplants and no interest in discussing anything except for how urgent it was for me to get this done a.s.a.p. to take advantage of the great limited time offers they have, I should preferably pay the deposit there and then or I might loos out on the deal, it reminded me of a door to door salesman offering double glazing! This guy has not had a hair transplant, his hair looks pretty poor and his only semi-medical training seems to be from his teeth whitening business.


I walked away from the consultation thinking how desperate people that book with them must be, its obviously nothing else than someone trying to make a quick buck selling something rather then someone that has experience or knows what he is talking about. After the consultation I received an email with pretty great looking before and after shots, I almost starting thinking, hold on now, maybe I wasn’t fair to them, maybe I just had the consultant on a bad day and the clinic is actually pretty good, these results where after all pretty fantastic. After looking at the photos for s little while I realised that I had seen some of these photos before somewhere else.


All the fantastic before and after shots they have are stolen from the following coalition hair transplant doctors (none of them works I the UK or has heard of the UK hair clinic):


Dr William Parsley - Hair Restoration Surgeons, Hair Transplant, Surgical Hair Restoration, Hair Transplant Cost, Hair Loss Treatments, Hair Loss Doctors | Parsley-Waldman Hair Center, Louisville, Lexington, Nashville, Knoxville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago, St. Lo


Dr. Michael Meshkin - Dr. Michael Meshkin*Hair Transplant Surgeon in*Newport Beach,*California


Dr Robert H True - Hair Clinic New York, New Jersey, Boston


Dr Bradley Limmer - Bradley Limmer, MD*Hair Transplant Surgeon in*San Antonio,*Texas


Dr Sharon Keene - Sharon Keene, MD*Hair Transplant Surgeon in*Tucson,*Arizona


I have added a screenshot here with the photo from ukhairtransplantclinics.co.uk on the left and on the right you will have the original photos from Dr Robert H. True (Hair Clinic New York, New Jersey, Boston)


I am sure that him the rest of the doctors will see this and take action against this scam clinic.


Here is a bit more about the consultation:


It was all about me loosing the change of a good price if I didn’t act quickly, here are a few phrases from the email:

“Because there are now only a few surgery dates available for the promotion Please call me on 0800 043 0993 if you have any further questions or would like to arrange your treatment.”

“In order to qualify for the above promotional savings the following would usually be necessary: 1) Make a surgery booking within 7 days of this letter “

At the consultation you indicated that it would not be possible for you to be treated in the promotional period, I have now spoken to our manager, who has agreed to hold the price until the above date, as long as you pay a deposit, in the next 7 days.


Believe me in person its worse than this!


I wanted to share this with the rest of you to make sure you don’t waste your time going to these consultations and even more importantly don’t get ripped off by paying anything to this company.



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How do operations like this manage to dodge regulation. Blatant misuse of copyright, hard selling medical procedures. It's amazing they get away with this sh!t. Anyone with medical qualifications working for these cowboys should be struck off.


Great post Johnny R.

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All I can say is WOW.


How I wish I found this out before ever going through with an FUE procedure. From the start just as you felt, I felt he was just a salesman looking for a quick sale showing no real reassurance. He told me that this was a simple procedure and I'd have nothing to worry about. Being very sceptical about the whole thing as I'd never had one before, but at the same time I thought he is the expert so therefore he knows what's best for me. I asked many questions over and over and and I thought he answered them ok in my mind and reassured me at the time, but then again I wouldn't know any better. It's now been 6 months since my procedure and I was due for my 6 month check up. In my mind I thought my results ok I suppose as I didn't know what to expect. I thought the thickness would of have been more but I only had 1000 grafts for a hairline. I asked Paul many questions and he reassured me everything is as should be and was 50% on way to final results. So at this point I was fairly pleased. I discussed with him the donor area at the back which I was worried about as I thought it was quite obvious and patchy that I'd had FUE. ( I know some people have said it would never look 100% as it was before) I've emailed him many times asking him questions sending photos, then emailing him again. He has ignored every email I've sent him, and when he did reply, he asked who I was and pretended not to receive them, even though my name was clearly stated in each email and I'm a 'client' of his. So I have no answer to my concerns. I still didn't think much of it till this day after reading this review, so now I am very unsure what to believe anymore.


So I had my transplant who was with ukhairtransplants and performed by Dr Theodoros Vernikos. To be honest I've read many reviews about him and say that most of them aren't great. Although yet again I didn't know what to think. He seemed on the day not have any feedback from Paul Hill what I was really having. That aside he performed the procedure with 2 assistances who all seemed plesant. In my mind I thought the procedure was ok, but yet again I wasn't to know otherwise what to expect.


All I can say is, do real research before going through with something like this, although my results at the moment are going the way they should, I have been sceptical and unsure the whole way through.

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I visted the clinic and this clown Paul hill, yes I said clown because he looks like one with that bleach blonde nutty professor hair style, anyway, I didn't feel comfortable with him or there company they rang me non stop after my appointment even when I'm told them I didn't want it done anymore, they offered me a discount very pushy, they have produced poor results check out this guy he used them I think he's results are very poor tbh link below. Let me know your thoughts.


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Paul Hill is still at it. Very pushy sales consultation over Zoom
Paul was dressed in scrubs and claimed to be a senior surgical assistant 

Had a consultation 3 years ago in Glasgow and it was Paul Hill then

The email following my consultation was more or less the same as the one he sent me 3 years ago

Wanted 8.5K for an FUT but would knock 3k off if I booked within 14 days

 £100 more expensive at weekends

4 boxes ofgeneric 5mg finasteride at £300 a year when it cost them about £3 a box

Link at the bottom is for a guy who has had 2 hair transplants and posted a video 5 years ago but is now back prtending it's 1 hair transplant and 6 months

No pictures on the website

Offering Covid 19 discounts is disgusting

Told me that he has 75 patients a month

How van he get away with it?


Surgery - Having now run these surface area and trichological density statistics through the hair restoration modelling software WTF?

we would ideally implant up to 2680 grafts which when applying your unique hair multiplicity average SO THAT'S 2? (number of hairs per follicle)  this would equate to approximately 5360 hairs. This transplant would increase the hair density in the areas that concern you, as you advised was desirable and is highlighted in your patient photographs.



Thank you for attending your recent video hair loss assessment with UK Hair Transplant Clinics, the UK’s leading provider of bespoke surgical hair loss solutions. It was a pleasure for me to meet you in our virtual clinic and understand your current hair loss concerns. We do hope that you found it useful to discuss your requirements and to work with us to explore the best treatment options available to meet your objectives. Having completed the diagnostic tests we confirmed that you are an ideal candidate for our hair loss solutions.

We appreciate that for some people there is a great deal to take in at a consultation, and it is always beneficial to have the opportunity to revisit and reflect in your own time and environment. To allow you to do this please find below the full treatment plan we discussed at your consultation.

If you decide that a transplant is for you and proceed with booking your surgery, we will then undertake a physical pre-assessment at your local clinic four weeks prior to surgery and ONLY after this are surgery payments made.

Your Treatment Plan

The following objectives were discussed and agreed upon during your consultation on 17/04/20 with your consultant Paul. The table below shows a break down of the recommended number of grafts in the area(s) to be treated.

1. Increase Hair Density At Front Bridge - This can be achieved via Surgery.

2. Increase Hair Density At Crown - This can be achieved via Surgery.

3. Increase General Density - This can be achieved via the taking of Finasteride.

4. Stop Future Hairloss - This can be achieved via the taking of Finasteride.

At the consultation we discussed the 2 different types of transplant the FUT commonly known as “Strip” and the FUE ,we concluded that the strip surgery was probably the best option. The reasons being

1) If you chose the FUE the results would be thinner if you only want 1 Transplant

As we indicated at the consultation, there is a maximum number of Grafts that can be transplanted safely in 1 treatment. With the FUE transplant procedure, this is upto 2000 grafts in the 1
st transplant and up to 4000 grafts over your lifetime.

With the strip surgery we can successfully transplant upto 3000 grafts in the initial transplant and implant a further 5000 grafts over multiple further treatments. These are the professions guidelines for safety and optimum growth.

If chose FUE we could only implant 2000 grafts of the required 2700 in the 1st Transplant. With Strip we would achieve maximum density in just 1 Transplant

If you chose to have the FUE and wish to have the 2nd transplant as soon as possible after the 1st, we could perform the procedure after 6 months.

2) Overall the cost per graft to implant is less with strip

3) With strip the visual recovery is a lot quicker as you don’t need to shaved all your hair off at the back and sides and you wont have red scabbing which is visible for upto 14 days post surgery with FUE. After the strip you look exactly the same at the back when you leave to before the surgery.

4) We must also consider future loss. which is even more important if you dont want to go on Finasteride. Based on your family history and current hair loss for your age, it is vary likely who would have significant further Hair Loss.

To replace this, you are likely to require upto 7000 grafts in total, which would not be possible with FUE since the maximum recommended total you can extract with FUE is upto 4500 grafts. with Strip, 7000 grafts is potentially achievable.

5) Whilst the idea of having strip surgery compared to FUE looks more like surgery and therefore looks more uncomfortable. Patients say that the level of discomfort is the same ie as low as 2 out of 10 for both. This is because its only the anaesthetic injections that are uncomfortable and these are the same for both techniques.

6) You said that you didn't want the Strip surgery because of the bad scarring ? this is a common assumption which is promoted from clinics that only perform FUE. Therefore alot people worry, that with strip they will have a large scar that everyone can see.

This could be true with an inexperienced strip surgeion, but you must remember that with a inexperienced FUE Doctor, scarring could be equally as bad ie scars visibly even with shot hair.

With ourselves we employ surgeon who specialises solely in strip, who is a Consultant Plastic surgeion in the NHS , so minimising scarring is also his area of expertise, Yes you will have a long ine scar at the back, but with good skill and experience this can be as thin as a pencil line and might only be seen if your hair is shaved at the back.


Area to be Treated

Recommended Number of Grafts







Treatment Information

Surgery - 
Having now run these surface area and trichological density statistics through the hair restoration modelling software, we can confirm that to achieve good coverage of the areas requested, we would ideally implant up to 2680 grafts which when applying your unique hair multiplicity average (number of hairs per follicle) this would equate to approximately 5360 hairs. This transplant would increase the hair density in the areas that concern you, as you advised was desirable and is highlighted in your patient photographs.

Whilst you may have to travel once to your nearest surgery clinic all your standard aftercare appointments will be at your local clinic.

Surgery Retreatment Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability, that we are one of the only clinics in the UK to offer its Patients the peace of mind of a FREE retreat if their intiial procedure is unsuccessful. We can offer this because we only partner with world leading surgeons who have years of experience, use the very latest technology and screen our Patients for suitability. To ensure that you achieve the required results and your Transplant Guarantee is valid, you must adhere to the proposed treatment plan recommended at your consultation.

Finasteride - Finasteride is the world's best performing medication tablets for hair loss. Published clinical trials have indicated that nearly all Patients achieve some growth with 50% to 60% experiencing significant thickening. For 80% of Patients future hair loss is significantly reduced down or stops altogether. Whilst it is reported that over 1 million Patients worldwide are on this prescribed medication, many people have not heard of it because you are not allowed to advertise prescription drugs.

Our Unique Finasteride Refund Guarantee

Whilst for the majority of Patients, Finasteride can make a significant visual improvement to their hair thickness, in a small number of cases it ONLY stops further loss and doesn’t thicken. Therefore, if after one year you see no visual difference, we will REFUND you the cost via a credit note which can be used against a future hair transplant. In cases where Finasteride has not been successful, we find that after one to two years, there is sufficient space created to enable a transplant to be performed.

If for whatever reason you are not ready to have a Transplant now, we recommend starting the Finasteride tablets as soon as possible. The main 2 reasons are 1) Thickening of the existing hair can take up to 1 year. 2) If you don’t, it is very likely that you will continue to lose more hair and this would mean that the cost of a Transplant in the future would most certainly increase.

Having completed your hair loss future risk assessment and taking into account Hair loss in your family, we believe that you are high risk of future balding. This is another vital use of Finasteride in hair loss, it can not only bring back hairs which are miniaturizing but it also prevents future loss by blocking DHT from attacking your healthy follicles.

Your Consultation Photos

For ease of reference now and for comparative purposes in the future, please see below pictures of your hair loss pattern taken during our consultation. At the end of these notes you will find before and after pictures of patients who have had similar treatments.


Treatment Prices

UK Hair Transplant Clinic’s reputation for being an International Centre of Excellence in hair transplant surgery has been achieved by focusing solely on core competencies and expertise in the hair loss arena. We only specialise in surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments, which allows us to invest in the most advanced techniques and be selective in the recruitment of world-class surgeons.

Whilst we are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our patients, we are equally committed to offering excellent value. Being one of Europe’s largest hair loss provider, we can achieve lower cost of service because of the volume of patients we treat.

2680 (FUT)/2000(FUE) Grafts

FUT Treatment 1

FUE Treatment 1

Regular Price



Deposit of £500 in the next 2 weeks



(FUT)/680(FUE) Grafts

FUT Treatment 2

FUE Treatment 2

2nd Treatment



Promotional Prices

If you are serious about hair loss and it has been bothering you for a long time, there is no better time to invest in a solution that benefits you for the rest of your life. Why? Because our prices have never been as low as they are today.

Normally at this time of year we only offer a small discount due to the seasonal reduction in demand. However, additional savings are currently available in a bid to help stimulate the economy due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

These unprecedented times have resulted in us offering unprecedent prices for a limited number of transplants.

Please note the above prices are for Monday to Friday surgeries only, if you would like to have surgery at the weekend or on a bank holiday prices will be increased by £100 on these premium days.

Limited Availability

As we are now coming to the end of the current promotion, we only have a few dates available for the reduced prices. These are offered on a first come basis. If you are interested, we recommend that you contact us at your earliest convenience to ensure you are not disappointed. The date needs to be suitable for you to take 2 weeks off work following the date scheduled, 7 days will be sufficient for light office work.

Price Match Guarantee

As well as being committed to quality, we are equally committed to offering excellent value. Due to the benefits of economies of scale from being the UK's largest Hair Transplant Clinic, we are able to offer competitive prices without lowering the quality of service. We are therefore happy to provide a Price Match Guarantee based on the same quality of service. So in the unlikely event that you are quoted a lower price than ourselves, please contact us and we can see if we can help.

Deposit Refund

If you are interested in proceeding with a transplant, in order to qualify for the savings we require a £500 deposit to secure your quoted surgery price. Prior to the balance being due, we will undertake a full pre-operative assessment at your local consultation clinic.

At this pre-operative assessment appointment we will perform additional physical diagnostic tests in preparation for your surgery. If after this appointment you do not wish to proceed, £400 will be refunded. The non-refunded £100 would be kept to contribute to our administration costs incurred in providing our service to you.

Affordable Hairloss Solutions

"Pay as You Grow" Payment Plan

If you would like to spread the cost of your treatment, why not take advantage of our low interest monthly payment plan? You pay a minimum deposit of £500 and spread the remaining balance over 12 to 60 months. Choose a 5 year term and pay just £3.66 per day.

If you would like to look at other repayment options visit https://www.moneysupermarket.com/loans/calculator/ where you can amend the loan duration and amount you want to borrow. The interest rate matches ours at 9.9%.

If you are interested in our payment plan, we recommend doing a quick check to see if you would qualify. Currently 80% of patients are accepted. This check doesn’t mean your committing to a hair transplant or a loan, it just tells you if you would be approved for the loan. If you wish to find out just contact us and Tony from our patient team will call you.

FREE Hotel Accommodation

Your surgical procedure will be performed at one of our accredited hospitals. If you live more than 75 miles from your nearest surgical clinic, we will provide one night’s hotel accommodation free of charge. Patients travelling to London clinics will receive £100 hotel allowance if travelling more than 100 miles and this will be deducted from the treatment price quoted above (this is due to the quality of hotels in London being to a varying standard and it being too difficult to accommodate everyone).

Patient Before and After

As well as the photos below please follow the link to a video of a patient journey with us from before his transplant until his first review at 6 months post-transplant - 

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