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Dr. Carlos K. Wesley, NYC best doctor ever

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From the moment I entered the offices of Drs. Wesley, Unger, and Unger I knew I had found the right place for hair restoration. You see, this was my second stop. I had gone for a consultation at another office first and only vaguely thought I should seek a second opinion. Even though I had pretty much planned to schedule an appointment with the first office, I was practically shocked at the disparity between my two experiences.

I was greeted warmly and sweetly at Drs. Wesley, Unger, and Unger, unlike the cold reception I received at office number one. The office staff seemed not only attuned to the needs of the patients but collegial with each other – a sign of a well-functioning and pleasant office. At office number one, I was initially questioned by a sales agent with a hard push promotion and spent exactly two minutes consulting with a physician (one had no choice of physicians – one was assigned). Since I had nothing else with which to compare, I expected this was protocol. However, in this second office, as I was waiting, a friendly gentleman struck up a conversation which put me at ease – I was treated like a person, not one of hundreds of patients. To my surprise, this genial gentleman then asked me to come into his office for a consultation. I had no idea that I had been speaking with the man who would become my surgeon, Dr. Carlos K. Wesley.

Dr. Wesley spent a great deal of time with me. There was no pressure and I was encouraged to ask as many questions as possible. I was shown photos and told what I could expect as an outcome. Dr. Wesley drew lines on my head to show me the placement of my hairline and offered options on types of procedures. Nothing was sugar-coated as I was informed of all aspects including parts of the recovery and growth period that may be uncomfortable. Upon leaving, I was told to take time to think about it and then call for an appointment if I decided this was right for me. The minute I got home I called to schedule a surgery date - and broke all communications with office number one.

Because I suffer from severe back pain, I was worried about spending surgery day in various horizontal positions but was assured that I would be accommodated in any way necessary – if I needed “time out” I could take a break. There was never an issue. The surgery was not only comfortable but Dr. Wesley and the staff kept up a pleasant and often humorous conversation – when I wasn’t sleeping.

Every follow-up visit was a pleasure. I began looking forward to seeing the staff and Dr. Wesley. Because the area that was transplanted had absolutely no hair, I required two procedures in order to assure that my hair and hairline would be as thick as I desired. The timelines overlapped: typically, full outcome is seen in about a year so Dr. Wesley performed the second procedure after six months so there would be no break in the total growth progress.

At this point, I am eight months into recovery from the second procedure. I feel like a kid again playing with my hair. I can guarantee you that I already have a FULL head of hair – and it is still coming in. Before my hair transplantation, I dreaded walking in windy weather for fear that everyone would see how much my hair had receded. My self-esteem was at low ebb and I became very depressed knowing things would only get worse. The wind is no longer a problem and my self-esteem is renewed. I can’t wait to get out of the shower and blow dry my hair. Here, I should note that I am a licensed hair dresser. It is absolutely impossible to tell that I had any procedure. NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW unless you choose to tell them. You hair grows in so gradually that the regrowth period doesn’t provoke anxiety about looks from the public.

In order to be totally honest, there are some negative aspects to the process and progress of hair transplantation. It was difficult to hide the redness and crustiness of the operation during the first two weeks following surgery. It was necessary for me to wear a hat. So, if you work in an office setting, you might want to schedule surgery during vacation time. I experienced extreme itchiness and lost a significant amount of my own hair (not typical) as a result of the trauma to the transplanted area. The process truly requires patience. You may look worse before you look better. However, each part of the process offers new bits of hope. Typically, but not always, the small transplanted hairs fall out - but within three months, you will see tiny hairs emerging from your scalp. Slowly, fine hairs start growing longer and then thicker. I admit there were times I became discouraged but as I near the end of the road, IT HAS ALL BEEN WORTH IT.

Now, after describing my overall experience, it is of utmost importance to note that Dr. Wesley made the difference. It is his expertise that gave me a natural, thick, full head of hair. It is important that your surgeon is creative, understands hair growth and direction, and has a great sense of aesthetics. Dr. Wesley possesses all of these qualities. In addition, I feel that I have made a friend. While never losing a sense of professionalism, Dr. Wesley’s warmth and intimate approach has made this experience a total pleasure. I look forward to seeing him. His staff members hug me when I enter the office. If this isn’t the type of person you are, you will be treated in the manner you prefer. They all know how to deal with the public.

I would vouch for Dr. Wesley and his office to anyone who asked. In short, I am thrilled. And, I actually had confidence all along that I would be pleased with the result. If your hair is thinning or receding and it really bothers you, run to Dr. Wesley. You’ll be writing a testimonial of your own.

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Looks like a great, very natural result! I am a big fan of Dr. Wesley

4737 FUT with Dr. Rahal on 11/16/2012


Daily regimen: 1/4 Proscar (1.25 mg Finasteride), Rogaine Foam (twice daily), 1000 mcg Biotin, 1 combo Vitamin D/Calcium/Magnesium, 1500 mg Glocosamine, 750 mg MSM, 1200 mg Fish Oil, 2000 mg Vitamin C, Super B-Complex, 400 I.U Vitamin E.


I am not a medical professional. All views and opinions expressed in this forum are of my own.

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I am a big fan too.

2 poor unsatisfactory hair transplants performed in the UK.


Based on vast research and meeting patients, I travelled to see Dr Feller in New York to get repaired.

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Wow! Really impressive!

An amazing experience (4002 grafts) with Dr. Koray Erdogan (ASMED Clinic).

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