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This 27 year-old male with Norwood Type 2/3 hair loss was principally concerned about the bilateral temporal recession and we had extensive preoperative discussions about the progressive nature of hair loss. We harvested 1840 microscopic follicular units from a 34.5 cm x 1.2 cm donor ellipse. Because his frontal forelock was strong, we mainly transplanted the temporal hairline. Additionally, he wanted to improve the thin temporal tufts and we added grafts there as well as shown by the intraoperative photos. The typical before and after results were taken at 8 months and we're also demonstrating the improvement of the temporal tufts-with the gross photos of the left tuft and the cropped one on the right.














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Very natural. Thank you for sharing. Look forward to seeing some more results.

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That looks very impressive! Well done!

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To be frank, that's a nice result with a modest amount of grafts

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